Obama’s Awful, Bad, Horrible, Painfully Unfunny TikTok Video

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The internal polling must look really, really bad for the Democrats, for not only have they hauled out their abiding hero Barack Obama, but they have sent him out to court the gender-ambiguous TikTok star vote. Now, you may have thought that the Dems had the gender-ambiguous TikTok star vote absolutely sewn up, but apparently, they don’t think so, as the sainted former president appeared on “Under the Desk News,” the TikTok show of an individual named Vitus Spehar, who calls himself “V” and cultivates a fashionable Is-That-A-Man-Or-A-Woman image. Spehar has 2.7 million followers on TikTok, and 1.5 million have watched his Obama video, so apparently, the former president’s appearance has served its purpose, but the segment is about as cringeworthy as you’d expect.


The worst aspect of Obama filming a segment with a TikTok star, however, is that it happened at all. Pundit John Cardillo tweeted: “Barack Obama teams with TikToker Vitus Spehar’s ‘Under the Desk News’ for get-out-the-vote push So a former sitting president is encouraging Americans to use a platform that both sides of the political aisle agree is a ChiCom surveillance tool.” Stephen L. Miller of the Spectator added: “Now Obama is participating on TikTok, a legitimate national security threat.”

Then there’s the high-cringe video itself. It starts with Spehar, who has all the charisma and magnetism of a bowl of pudding that has somehow gained the ability to speak, introducing a show from under a desk. When Obama saunters in, it becomes a bit clearer why “Under the Desk News” was chosen for Obama’s get-out-the-vote pitch: Vitus Spehar may be the only human being on this planet who can make Barack Obama look masculine and commanding. “V!” Obama says. “What are you — what are you doin’ uh — under my desk?”

Spehar, all jowls and horn rims and butch lesbian haircut, begins to explain that “Under the Desk is kinda my thing, I mean —” but Obama cuts him off and gets straight to the point: “Okay, but here’s the thing: you can stay for now, but when it comes time for voting, you’re going to have to get up. Because you got climate change legislation on the ballot, you got gun safety. And if we can elect more pro-choice members of Congress, we can reinstitute Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. So you can’t stay here, you’re going to have to take a little bit of time to vote.”


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After this tiresome Leftist laundry list, Spehar tries for some comic relief, asking Obama: “Is now a bad time to say that I voted for McCain in 2008?” Elsewhere, Spehar explained: “In 2008 I voted the way my Dad did, I’m grateful for the work President Obama did to secure marriage equality and will be voting this term to protect these hard earned rights.” Of course!

In any case, the great and magnanimous Obama replies: “Mmm, as long as you voted.” Spehar is clearly repentant; he loves Big Brother now, and Big Brother is happy to take the time to guide him on the right path, the path of national economic suicide in pursuit of a myth, the disarming of the populace in the face of an increasingly authoritarian government, and, of course, the path of keeping those sacrifices to Moloch going in large numbers.

Is this TikTok extravaganza going to get Leftists to vote who otherwise would not have done so? It would be surprising if even one single person got out and voted because Barack Obama sat down on the floor by his desk and chatted with Vitus Spehar. The Leftists who care about the issues Obama enumerated have already voted or intend to vote; the others are unlikely to be moved to do so even by the sight of Saint Barack Hussein bein’ cool and slick and chattin’ with the quivering sycophant that is Vitus Spehar.

Whether or not it achieves its desired effect, the video is a dispiriting look at the state of political discourse in this confused age. Vitus Spehar is 40 years old and yet projects silliness and immaturity, as well as an all-encompassing softness; if the Chinese are monitoring this particular TikTok video, it will only reinforce the impression that America is soft, weak, distracted, and unable to pose a significant challenge to their ambitions. Obama himself, a revered two-term president, doesn’t come across much better, indulging Spehar in his silliness as long as he hits the lever for the enlightened ones. It’s a stupid video that was made to serve the agenda of an evil party in a silly period in the life of a deeply divided nation.



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