Is Biden Making Room for Right-Wing ‘Terrorists’ at Guantanamo?

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The establishment media agrees that Biden’s handlers’ freeing of Taliban jihadi Abdul Latif Nasser from Guantanamo, where he had been held for nineteen years, was the first step toward taking care of more unfinished business from the Obama administration and finally closing the notorious prison camp. But is that really the plan? Or might Guantanamo be filled up with a new group of terrorists?


The signs aren’t hard to find. CNN reported Wednesday that “the Justice Department repeatedly has documented the emergence of what could be called small, right-wing extremist groups.” One of the examples offered in the report is that of Robert Morss, a Pennsylvania resident who was arrested in connection with the January 6 Reichstag Fire. According to CNN, when Morss was arrested, police “found in his car a notebook with a page titled, ‘Step by Step to Create Hometown Militia.’ Beneath it Morss allegedly scribbled bullet point reminders, fleshing out the idea of forming a violent cell – ‘bring assault rifle’ and ‘set up your kit’ — and notes on ‘formation.’”

Then there were Ian Rogers and Jarrod Copeland, who were “so devoted to former President Donald Trump and so angry about the 2020 election result, that they allegedly plotted to blow up the Democratic headquarters building in Sacramento. One commented over an encrypted messaging thread, where the two discussed planning, that he realized they would be perceived as domestic terrorists, and the second man had previously joined an anti-government militia group.”

Whether these three men actually did anything criminal, or planned to do so, is a matter for the courts to decide. But ominously, a prosecutor wrote about the Rogers/Copeland case that “all of the political and social conditions that motivated them to plan what they themselves described as a terrorist attack remain.”


What are those conditions? Raw Story gave a clue to the answer to that in a risibly hysterical piece Monday that began:

A very particular, cultish and dangerous brand of domestic terrorism has been honed, and we should call it what it is: Trumpist terrorism.

 We’ve rarely if ever experienced domestic terrorism organized not only in the service of an ideology — white supremacy — but in the name of one person, a cult figure for whom people will kill and die, devoted to his cause and taking perceived orders from him.

 But that is what is happening now.

Salon, unwilling to be outdone in the Left’s hysteria sweepstakes, added this on Wednesday at the end of a long piece smearing and demonizing Trump and his supporters in the most lurid terms: “Ultimately, there is no natural end point to the normalization of social and political deviance. It is a bottomless pit, one into which America as a whole has fallen. Some Americans willingly threw themselves into the pit. Others have jumped in while wearing parachutes — that have not opened. Many Americans were thrown into this bottomless pit by others. A few — the lucky, the wise or those possessed of special insight — have avoided falling into the pit and remain poised on its edge, at least for now. Only collective action and commitment to a moral crusade can save American democracy now. The normalization of social and political deviance is a process meant to make that impossible.”


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All right. So the alleged January 6 terrorists and other allegedly criminal Trump supporters were motivated by political and social conditions that still exist. These conditions center around devotion to Trump himself, and only a moral crusade can save the nation from this evil man and his minions. One would think that these people would have believed that America was “saved” from Trump when the vote-counting was stopped in crucial swing states and resumed only after the observers were gone and the windows covered, and when Old White Joe took the Oath of Office as president on January 20, but no. The threat is still here, and it is us.

Robert Grenier, who served as the CIA station chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan and later as director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center, made it clear when he declared in February: “You know, even at the seeming height of the crisis immediately after 9/11, there really weren’t that many members of al-Qaida in Afghanistan. And the thrust of our campaign there was, yes, to hunt down al-Qaida, but primarily to remove the supportive environment in which they were able to live and to flourish.”

That “supportive environment” is ordinary, unwoke Americans who don’t want to be overwhelmed by an authoritarian socialist nanny state. They provide the “political and social conditions” that the Left sees as motivating “Trumpist terrorism.”


What is to be done with these terrorist enablers? Well, there is a fully appointed prison camp in Guantanamo that will soon be empty. It would be perfect for those whom the regime in Washington decides are “Trumpist terrorists.” Was Abdul Latif Nasser freed to start making room for conservative Americans? It’s a crazy, ridiculous, absurd, obscene question, inconceivable just seven months ago. Surely Biden’s handlers wouldn’t go that far. Would they?


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