Hamas-Linked CAIR Demands Amazon Drop This ‘Islamophobic’ Underwear

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, center (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It’s a day ending with a y, so you can be sure that the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is enraged about something. This time it’s underwear, and it is demanding that Amazon drop its drawers. Or, as CAIR’s National Communications Director and spokesman, Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper, put it in his press release, “CAIR Calls on Amazon to Drop Seller’s Insulting Underwear Line Embossed with Islamic Testimony of Faith.”


In its press release, CAIR “called online retailer Amazon to remove a line of men’s underwear and boxer briefs that offensively displays the Islamic Shahadah in Arabic calligraphy, the testimony of Islamic faith and one of the five pillars of Islam. The product is listed on Amazon as being sold by Chinese clothing distributer Guangzhou Yumei.”

The offending drawers are is listed as “CUTEDWARF La-Ilaha-Illallah-Muhammadur-Rasulullah Men’s Boxer Briefs Sexy Underwear Slim Fit Tights Sports Briefs Pajamas Black.” The Arabic text means: “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” which is the shahada, the Islamic profession of faith.

(Amazon screenshot)

CAIR claims that “it received complaints about the item offered by Amazon seller Guangzhou Yumei being offensive to Muslims because the Islamic testimony of faith would be worn disrespectfully over the crotch.” Unfortunately, Hooper did not explain how the Amazon shoppers who complained to CAIR found the item in the first place. Searches at Amazon for “Islamic briefs,” “Islamic underwear,” and “shahada underwear” do not bring up the offensive item. What were CAIR’s complainers searching for? Maybe just material they could claim to find offensive and demand that Amazon remove?

As of this writing on Saturday morning, the briefs are not yet gone from Amazon. However, in the past Amazon has removed material CAIR demanded it remove. In fact, the CAIR press release notes that the Hamas-linked organization already has a few notches in its belt in this line: “In 2019, CAIR helped secure Amazon’s removal of a number of doormats, bathmats and other items imprinted with Islamic calligraphy, references to the Prophet Muhammad and verses from the Quran, Islam’s holy text.” And it wants more: “CAIR however notes that Amazon continues to profit from the sale of pro-confederate digital audio books like the ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War,’ despite public calls from groups like CAIR to drop such materials.”


The Director of CAIR’s Government Affairs Department, Robert S. McCaw, claimed that removing the underwear would be in line with CAIR’s policy: “CAIR is calling on Amazon to immediately remove from its Amazon Fashion’s section Guangzhou Yumei’s offensive men’s underwear product that disrespects the Islamic testimony of faith and its Muslim customers. By removing this product Amazon would be upholding its offensive and controversial materials policy, which includes not allowing products that promote religious intolerance.”

Amazon doesn’t allow “products that promote religious intolerance”? Well, that depends on the religion. At Amazon, you can still get a t-shirt emblazoned “Not, today, Jesus,” with an upside-down cross. You can get a t-shirt mocking the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. You can get books, too, that some Christians might find offensive: Friedrich Nietzsche’s God Is Dead. God Remains Dead. And We Have Killed Him. You can still get Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. You can get Christianity Disproved: The conclusive proof that Christianity is false. You can get God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail. You can get All That’s Wrong with the Bible: Contradictions, Absurdities, and More. You can get Four Disturbing Questions with One Simple Answer: Breaking the Spell of Christian Belief.

And on and on and on. Material that Christians find insulting is not removed. Nor should it be. But Islamic supremacists, as always, demand special treatment for Islam. At issue here is more than just underwear that offends Ibrahim Hooper. Hooper and his sinister team are trying to establish and reinforce the precedent that if Hamas-linked CAIR thinks something is “offensive” to Muslims, Amazon will remove it.


How long will it be before Hamas-linked CAIR starts demanding that books that criticize jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others also be dropped by Amazon? How long before it will be nearly impossible to obtain material that is considered to contravene Islam’s blasphemy laws, including honest and accurate analysis of the motives and goals of jihad terrorists? Get it while you can.


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