NYC: YouTube Prankster Tells Restaurant Patrons He Has Bomb, Will Kill Them for Allah

(YouTube/Smooth Sanchez IRL)

It was all a big joke, you see, and really, what’s funnier than a jihad bombing? Back in February, a young man named Malik Sanchez, who refers to himself by the spectacular misnomer of “Smooth Sanchez,” published a nearly three-and-a-half-hour-long video on his YouTube channel, which has 5,400 subscribers, featuring himself walking along the streets of New York City and yelling abuse at passersby, mostly young women. In the course of things, he shouted at diners in a restaurant that he was going to blow them up for Allah. The NYPD wasn’t laughing: Sanchez has just been arrested.


According to the Daily Beast, Sanchez “was charged Wednesday with conveying false and misleading information and hoaxes. The teen allegedly livestreamed himself pretending to detonate a bomb near the Flatiron restaurant’s outdoor seating area while shouting, ‘I take you with me and I kill you all!’ and ‘Allahu Akbar!’”

Sanchez liked pretending to be a jihadi. “Days later, Sanchez posted a video in which he approached an enclosed outdoor eating area in front of a Flatiron restaurant, and then boasted to his followers that he was going to ‘enhance their meal.’ Walking up to two women seated at a table, Sanchez began to loudly shout ‘bomb detonation in two, in two minutes.’” Then he screamed: “I take you with me and I kill all you. I kill all you right now. And I kill all you for Allah. F**k, f**k that s**t. I’m gonna Allah. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna f***ing do it for Allah. I’m gonna do it, for, Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, Come on. I do it, bomb now, bomb now.”

This eloquent display caused six people to flee from the enclosed outdoor dining area, which the Cary-Grantlike Sanchez took as a victory, crowing: “Yo, all of them scattered….Holy s**t. Holy s**t, boys. That was f***ing five stars. That was five stars. Holy s**t, huh?”


In another video on March 20, Sanchez is seen “making hand gestures ‘mimicking pointing a gun,’” and he wasn’t entirely just fooling around to get YouTube views. A court filing states: “After multiple individuals attempted to get Sanchez to stop, Sanchez sprayed pepper spray in the face of one of those individuals. Sanchez was arrested by responding NYPD officers and charged with state offenses and was thereafter released on bail.”

Not only that, but once Sanchez had been arrested, police discovered that he had pepper-sprayed another woman previously, when she took exception to his videoing her.

So would Malik Sanchez, for all his Allahu-akbaring and claims to have a bomb, ever really have committed a jihad massacre? Probably not. His interminable and determinedly offensive videos display a supremely angry and arrogant young man, but not one with enough zeal for jihad to actually make good on his threats.

However, by screaming “Allahu akbar” in the context of making bomb threats, Sanchez did his part to undo painstaking public relations work the media has done to make people complacent in the face of the advancing jihad. The establishment media made a full-court press a few years ago to convince Americans that “Allahu akbar” was a benign phrase that only greasy Islamophobes could possibly be concerned about. In the New York Daily News, Zainab Chaudry of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued that non-Muslims shouldn’t “believe the worst” about “Allahu akbar” because Muslims don’t just scream it while murdering non-Muslims, but use it in a variety of contexts. She even offered this chilling advice, certain to get people killed were it ever heeded: “So the next time you hear Allahu Akbar — whether it’s in a media report, on an airplane, or in a shopping mall, remember that the phrase used by millions of Muslims and Christians daily to praise God regardless of their circumstances, can never be justified for use when harming His creation.” So stay put, evidently; fleeing would be “Islamophobic.”


On CNN, Omar Suleiman — the imam who prevailed upon Google to alter their search results so as to bury any negative information about Islam — also argued that Muslims say “Allahu akbar” in a variety of contexts, many of them positive. And the New York Times actually tweeted that the phrase “Allahu akbar” had “somehow” become “intertwined with terrorism.”

Somehow! How could this have possibly happened? Could it have anything to do with the thousands of Muslims who have screamed “Allahu akbar” while in the process of murdering or trying to murder infidels? “Somehow” this young lout Malik Sanchez also got the idea that it had to do with violence. His threats were just a prank for his video channel, but how was anyone in the restaurant going to know that for sure? Of course, by scattering in terror, they were reinforcing “Islamophobic” stereotypes involving the possibility that Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” and saying they have a bomb might be intending to commit an act of violence. Expect CAIR to jump on the case.


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