The EPA Gives Funds to a Group That Claims Palestine Is a 'Climate Justice Issue'

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The Biden administration has been the most generous administration in history. Generous to "whom" is the big question.

Five trillion dollars was spent on COVID relief with untold billions not giving "relief" except to favored constituencies. Billions of dollars just floating around waiting for crooks, charlatans, shysters, and liberal interest groups to pick up the cash off the floor and pocket it.


Did it have anything to do with "COVID relief"? If it had six degrees of separation from the pandemic, you're in.

We already know that at least $400 billion was stolen or wasted. But Biden might have done a better job with shoveling money to his friends in the "Inflation Reduction Act" (sic), which was never meant to reduce inflation as the only thing it reduced was the size of the wallets of taxpayers.

The IRA was the ultimate election payoff to Biden's friends: teachers, unions, greenies, and the entire nongovernmental organization infrastructure. Digging through who got the goodies in the IRA is an experience. But the Wall Street Journal found what might be the pièce de résistance of government stupidity and antisemitism.

The latest funding scam involves the deliberately nebulous term "climate justice." It's a catch-all for any grievance that the leftist grievance machine needs to justify. That includes "justice" for Palestine and ending capitalism.

Democrats appropriated $3 billion in the IRA to the Environmental Protection Agency for “environmental justice” grants, including $600 million for a “national grantmaker” program. In December the EPA awarded $50 million to Climate Justice Alliance, a network of nearly 90 affiliates, which plans to use the money to “resource community-based organizations (CBOs) to address past, current, and future environmental health and justice challenges.”

What else does Climate Justice Alliance do? Last November it helped to coordinate a “March on Washington,” where protesters waved the banner “Free Palestine Is a Climate Justice Issue.” Other slogans included “Our Government Funds Palestinian Genocide” and “Only Socialist Revolution Can Stop World War III.”


A curious definition of "climate justice," no? 

The group's website includes a video that (I kid you not)  uses “an anti-colonial framework to show how Climate Justice and the liberation of Palestine are connected.”

“Climate change did not begin with the burning of fossil fuels,” the narrator says. “It began with settler colonialism, imperialism and extractivism.”

I had to look up "extractivism," which is not recognized by my spell-check. You should know that it's very, very bad. So don't do it. "Extracting" oil and stuff from the ground is not being nice to Mother Nature. Or the Palestinians, from what I understand

Climate Justice Alliance’s website also offers a collection of anti-Israel art “that you are invited to use for Palestine solidarity protest actions.” One shows a bulldozer tearing down an Israeli fence. Another has a man waving a Palestinian flag standing atop a tank, with the quotation: “Where there is oppression, there will be resistance.” That line is attributed to Assata Shakur, who fled the U.S. to Cuba after being convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper in 1973. A third poster says: “Abolish Prisons Everywhere.”

The group has echoed calls to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, such as in a 2020 blog post. “Why is it important, as we figure out how to stop contributing to climate change and how to adapt to climate change, to also figure out how to abolish ICE or dismantle racist institutions?” it asks. “The key is, they all work together to support this broken system and the status quo.”


Fifty million dollars to help these antisemites kill Jews and destroy capitalism. All in the name of "climate justice."

C'mon, we can do better than this. Why not just fund Hamas directly and skip the middleman?


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