Another Noose Hoax or an Act of Hate?

YouTube/CBS Chicago

It’s been reported that a noose was discovered at the construction site of the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

We don’t know who discovered the noose, although presumably, it was one of the workers at the site arriving in the early morning. There are no pictures of the noose, but there is a photo of a worker handing what appears to be a bag containing a piece of rope to a police officer.


But no workers or anyone for that matter who saw the noose took their phone out to snap a picture of this hate crime? Would I be a racist to say that seems unusual?

The main contractor for the project, Lakeside Alliance, issued a statement.

“This morning, we were informed that an act of hate was discovered at the project site,” the statement said, adding that work on the project was suspended while Lakeside developed an “anti-bias training” program. “We reported the incident to the police and will provide any assistance required to identify those responsible.”


The group is offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to those responsible, according to an earlier statement, on Thursday, which added that they have “zero tolerance for any form of bias or hate on our worksite.”

“We are suspending all operations onsite in order to provide another series of these trainings and conversations for all staff and workers,” Thursday’s statement read, referencing anti-bias training that is part of its onboarding process. “We are horrified that this would occur on our site … Lakeside Alliance remains committed to providing a work environment where everyone can feel safe, be their best self, and is treated with dignity and respect.”

The Obama Foundation also released a statement saying it notified authorities.


“This shameless act of cowardice and hate is designed to get attention and divide us. Our priority is protecting the health and safety of our workforce,” the foundation’s statement read.

Here’s what Lakeside Alliance says is a “noose.”

I strongly reject the label of “racist” that will be applied to me for questioning the reality of this incident. Too many times in the past, we’ve been played the fool by racial hoaxers who enjoy seeing the black community riled up against whites or enjoy their 15 minutes playing the “oppressed racial victim.”

And it will continue until the news media, black leaders, and Democratic politicians stop racing each other to see who can emote first, best, and longest and take a breath before condemning hate.

Chicago Sun-Times:

In a statement, Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the discovery “disturbing.”

“Racism and racist symbols have no place in Chicago, and those inciting it will be held responsible for this repulsive act,” the mayor said.

She encouraged anyone with information to come forward.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker also condemned the incident, tweeting: “The noose is more than a symbol of racism, it is a heart-stopping reminder of the violence and terror inflicted on Black Americans for centuries. I condemn this act of hate in the strongest possible terms, and the state of Illinois will make all needed resources available to help catch the perpetrators.”


Not one, single qualifying word in those statements. Not a hint of disbelief. And the reason for that is despicable; the race hustlers rush to condemn anyone who doesn’t immediately and loudly condemn the “hate” — even with little or no proof, as in this incident.

If this incident ends up being true, then I join Lightfoot and Pritzker in condemning this outrageous act of hate. There are few symbols more hurtful to black Americans than the noose.

But I reject any criticism of me for wanting to pause and think before condemning anyone for anything.



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