Texas and Arizona Send 79 Buses Full of Illegals to Washington, D.C.

AP Photo/Eric Gay

In April of this year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had grown weary of the Biden administration releasing illegal aliens captured at the border into Texas towns and decided to make his problem Washington’s problem. He began to load illegal aliens onto buses and send them across the country to Washington, D.C.


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey thought that was a fine idea and began to send his own convoys full of illegals to Washington.

Now, according to an exclusive report in the Washington Examiner, there have been 79 buses that have brought 2,500 illegals to Washington’s Union Station from Arizona and Texas. To be sure, this is just a small fraction of the total number of illegals that have been captured at the border. But both Republican governors are sending a political message to Biden: stop dumping your border problems in our laps.

One-quarter of migrants in Arizona said they planned to go to New York after arriving in Washington, followed by 23% who said New Jersey was their final destination. Florida came in third.

In Arizona, 69% of migrants who boarded buses to Washington were from Colombia. Peruvians made up the second-highest percentage at 15%. Carr said eight Russian citizens were aboard a bus that departed Tuesday.

Ducey’s busing initiative helps alleviate the pressure from communities such as Yuma, Arizona, by picking up people immediately after they are released by the Border Patrol in town.

Since the media is ignoring the crisis at the border, we must rely on local sources for news about what the Biden administration is trying to do. Yuma, Ariz. is a good example of the chaos that Biden has unleashed. The 90,000 people who live there have been overwhelmed by the crush of humanity.


Because hundreds of migrants are released and permitted to travel anywhere in the country from Yuma each day, regional airports and bus lines are overwhelmed. The 90,000-person city is a three-hour drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Transporting migrants released from custody has been a challenge, according to Mayor Douglas Nicholls (R), but with limited flights, a local nonprofit group is looking at other ways of transporting migrants to out-of-state airports, including in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Abbott first announced April 6 that the state would use emergency evacuation procedures to transport migrants out of the state in an effort to “take the border to President Biden.” The white charter buses and security guards onboard were contracted through private companies. Although Abbott vowed to drop off migrants at the Capitol, the buses have dropped passengers closer to Union Station, the major transportation hub in the region.


If Biden is going to promote open borders, the least he can do is pay a fair share of the cost of administering his catch-and-release program. But volunteering the federal government to pick up the tab for anything at the border would draw attention to the growing number of illegals clamoring to get in.

There will come a time when Biden won’t be able to hide the deluge of people trying to get into the U.S. But until then, the administration leaves the security at the Southern border in the hands of the overworked and discouraged border patrol and state governments that don’t have the money or resources to address the problem.


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