Biden's Choice for ATF Chief Once Claimed Ohio 'Rigged' Elections

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It looks like Joe Biden chose another loser to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Last September, the president was forced to withdraw the name of David Chipman, his first choice to head the agency, because of charges that he didn’t quite believe the Second Amendment says what is clearly written in the Constitution. In short, he didn’t think there was an inherent right for individuals to own firearms.


That was enough to send Mr. Chipman back to work at his radical gun control group. Now, Biden has chosen a genuine nutcase to run ATF. Steve Dettelbach is a former U.S. attorney who also ran for Ohio attorney general in 2018.

His campaign was, in a word, “colorful.”

Daily Caller:

While running for Ohio Attorney General, attorney Steve Dettelbach claimed in 2018 that Republican Dave Yost “is part of this mess … secret meetings. Rigged elections …”

The “Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow,” (ECOT) an online public school in Ohio, voted to recover $60 million of alleged overpayments to the school in 2017. Dettelbach went on to allege Yost ignored ECOT’s lack of attendance record, according to Sandusky Register, making him unfit to hold the position he ultimately won.

“Who has ever heard of a school that doesn’t take attendance?” Dettelbach reportedly said, before again claiming people are “often … right” that the system is rigged.

“Rigged” like purging voter registration rolls of dead people?

In a 2017 op-ed, Dettelbach accused the state’s voter registration as having “purged” 1.2 million Ohioans from the voter rolls as the case was being argued in the Supreme Court. Dettelbach said the state was purposely excluding Ohioans from voting because of “politics” and called the claim from state officials that the rolls were cleared of voters who either died or moved “disingenuous.”

“Ohio’s purge is not about properly cleaning up voter rolls, which is allowed,” Dettelbach wrote. “It’s about whether elected officials can rig the political system to get a partisan edge.”


Dettelbach offered absolutely zero proof for his incendiary accusations. But he’s a Democrat, so he was not called out for his smears.

Dettelbach also has a history of promoting excessive gun control measures. This alone probably won’t sink his nomination since he’s likely to get one or two Republican votes for confirmation.

It’s fascinating how some election conspiracists are kicked off Twitter and Facebook and shunned by most while others achieve high office.

Go figure.


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