AOC Libsplains Why Republicans Oppose Trans-Activism. It Might Have Gone Better.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is a passionate advocate for many, many things. This makes her popular with many, many people — at least those who understand the world in 140-character slices at a time.


In truth, she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone because the only people questioning her understanding, her intelligence, and her sanity are safely silenced and thus, effectively dead.

But sometimes, AOC — and we like calling her that because it annoys her when her opponents use her initials — says something so shockingly stupid and outrageous that even her friends politely excuse themselves and exit the room in great haste.

Republicans have their own problem with members of Congress who speak first and think later. Marjorie Taylor Greene has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Krazy Kaucus of Republicans. She is the best name-caller, insulter, and most mean-spirited Republican in America, though she’s not much of a congresswoman.

Recently, Democrats were embarrassed when the president’s choice for Supreme Court justice couldn’t answer the question of how to define “woman.” MTG — we can call you that, can’t we Marje? — shot back with the perfect answer.


This is the perfect answer because it’s bound to enrage feminists, evolutionists, humanists, and Democrats in general.

I’m sure MTG was sincere and absolutely serious in her definition. And AOC leapt to the challenge.

Now we know why the left believes The Handmaid’s Tale could actually happen. Men are just salivating at the chance to enslave women and make them baby machines, right?

Most women I know are far too busy raising their children, loving their husbands, working a job, and keeping hearth and home together to pay much attention to AOC or MTG. Sara, writing at Twitchy, gives a sublime perspective on the primary objection of Republicans to the trans movement.

At the heart of criticism of the radical trans movement isn’t fear that the movement “threatens the GOP’s own definition of a woman as ‘weak, male property.’” Marjorie Taylor Greene is a certified nutjob with a fondness for conspiracy theories, particularly of the antisemitic variety. Many Republicans and conservatives want nothing to do with her and consider her rather fringe-y (we can’t say that about Democrats and liberals’ attitude toward AOC). No, at the heart of criticism of the radical trans movement is the movement’s systematic erasure of women (as well as the insane insistence that young children can be “gender fluid” or nonbinary and that they should be raised according to the Bible of Queer Theory).

Trans people do menstruate, but only if they’re biologically women. Biological males can’t menstruate, no matter how hard they try. Biological males can’t get pregnant, either. And it’s AOC and the radical trans movement who are guilty of inciting “epic meltdowns and moral panics” every time someone dares point out that human biology is not a social construct and that women and men are biologically distinct.


Let’s not forget that this is what AOC and the radical Democrats are advocating. And they’re willing to cancel anyone — friend or foe — who challenges their most cherished fantasies.

Biology doesn’t matter. Only politics.

In siding with radical trans activists, AOC is siding against women. That may sound like a simplistic characterization of her philosophy, but it’s an accurate characterization. Marjorie  Taylor Greene isn’t doing Republicans any favors, but AOC is arguably even more toxic to the public discourse.

AOC has always been toxic to the public discourse. It’s been her raison d’etre since she used her ethnic heritage and gender to defeat a long-serving Democratic congressman. She continues to pollute public discourse by accusing anyone who disagrees with her of being a racist, or sexist, or privileged while she bravely (in her own eyes) speaks “truth to power.”

Instead, she babbles, she emotes, she throws tantrums, and inevitably, sticks her tiny foot in her mouth by saying something that only a radical revolutionary could understand and appreciate.


She may be stupid but her heart is in the right place, right?



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