Feds Offer New York BLM Terrorists Plea Deals

Colinford Mattis, left, and Urooj Rahman were offered a plea deal by federal prosecutors (U.S. Attorneys Office)

Terrorists who threw a lit Molotov cocktail into a police car during Black Lives Matter protests in New York last summer have been quietly offered a plea deal, according to court documents released yesterday.


The two terrorists were picked up a short time later and were found to have materials to make several more bombs, according to prosecutors.

Urooj Rahman and Colinford Mattis, both attorneys from New York, faced life behind bars if successfully prosecuted. Now, it appears there’s a possibility they will not receive any jail time at all, although details of the deal have not been released.

New York Daily News:

With Mattis behind the wheel, Rahman hopped out of a minivan and tossed a lit beer bottle filled with gas into an empty NYPD van, setting the dashboard on fire, according to prosecutors.

She and Mattis fled, but were stopped by cops from the 88th Precinct who followed them from the scene. Police found materials for making other Molotov cocktails in the minivan.

The seven-count indictment against them includes charges of use of explosives, arson and conspiracy.

“Prosecutors said in a detention memo at the time that they were trying to pass out Molotov cocktails to protesters at the demonstration,” reports the New York Post

The liberal media in New York have already exonerated the two terrorists. New York Magazine’s Lisa Miller sympathetically profiled the pair in August.


Urooj Rahman faced the camera looking high-strung and distracted, answering questions as her hands waved and flitted around her body and in front of her face as if they were birds escaping from a box. Rahman emigrated from Pakistan when she was 4 and now lives with her elderly mother in Bay Ridge; she works as an attorney at Legal Services in the Bronx, representing tenants without means in eviction proceedings. “This s**t won’t ever stop unless we fu**ing take it all down,” she said. “We’re all in so much pain from how fu**ed up this country is toward Black lives. This has got to stop, and the only way they hear us is through violence, through the means that they use. ‘You got to use the master’s tools.’ That’s what my friend always says.”

A short, edited clip of Rahman’s video interview circulated with the first news stories, stoking widespread curiosity, incredulity, empathy, and pain: a lawyer who had come of age in an increasingly activist mainstream left speaking the language of abolitionist Twitter and looking to some on the right like a new breed of homespun terrorist.

To any rational person, not just “some on the right,” she looks like a “homespun terrorist.” This wasn’t a political statement of any kind. It was a nihilistic exercise in political violence, meant to intimidate and terrorize police officers and anyone who supports them. “Well, they do it too, only worse” is about the worst defense you can make. It’s childlike in its naivete and bespeaks a towering ignorance of the law.


To believe that there was no recourse except violence to protest police brutality makes BLM as ignorant as the right-wing thugs who stormed the capitol building. And if the right-wing thugs are going to have the book thrown at them and sent to prison for a long time, so must the BLM terrorists who torched one police car and encouraged others to commit acts of mayhem.

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