The Media Is Telling Us It's OK to Love the First Lady Again

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She’s definitely not Michelle Obama — she doesn’t have the toned arm muscles — but Jill Biden’s politics and heart are in the right place, and the media is signaling it’s OK to love the first lady again.


Melania Trump is a beautiful, gracious, smart, compassionate, accomplished person. But she was married to orange hair bad and that doomed her to ridicule, criticism and just plain meanness from the media.

Mrs. Biden is a  woman (a plus), a teacher (a plus-plus), and a Democrat (nailed it). And for the next 4 years, she will be a goddess without blemish. She will be held up as a role model for little girls.

It’s making me physically ill.

Yahoo News:

People on Twitter seemed to be taken by the first lady’s pre-Valentine’s Day outing and choice to spotlight a small business.

Twitter and Instagram users also seemed to be taken by the fact that Biden was wearing a scrunchie in her hair.

Several users wrote that seeing the first lady sporting the fabric hair accessory – something that’s arguably in millions of Americans’ hair-care arsenals – made her seem “relatable.”

Amazing how a scrunchie can make someone more “relatable.” I asked Sue whether she felt more relatable when she wore her scrunchie. She looked at me as she usually does — like I’m from another planet. “What I can relate to is that I didn’t wash my hair this morning and wish I had.”

That is just soooo…”cute”?


This woman is a college professor and she’s acting like a teenage girl. If I had a daughter I’d beg her not to use Mrs Biden as a role model.

The first lady also wore flower-shaped earrings that complemented her light-pink coat – which appeared to be the same one from the brand HiSO that she wore on the night of Election Day in November 2020.

Her pre-Valentine’s Day outing ponytail and scrunchie seemed to steal the show, though.

“the coat with the ponytail. I stan,” an Instagram user wrote on the @FLOTUS’ post.

Gag me.

Do you think that any of Jill Biden’s aides or friends will secretly record her saying mean things?

Melania Trump complains about ‘Christmas stuff’ on secret tapes”

Secretly recorded tapes reveal Melania Trump’s frustration”

Melania Trump Curses Child Separation Critics On Tape”

Or publish personal communications.

“Melania Trump Lashes Out at Post-Riot Criticism”

I daresay that even if something negative is unearthed about Jill Biden, it won’t see the light of day in the mainstream media. The only comment will be how mean and unfair it is to target the un-elected first lady.


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