It Begins: Biden Will Allow Asylum Seekers Waiting in Mexico to Enter the U.S.

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The Biden administration announced on Friday that, starting on February 19, thousands of migrants waiting in Mexico who have open asylum cases will be allowed into the United States. The announcement comes as the administration opened a new tent city in Texas to handle part of the expected crush of illegal immigrants now moving toward the border expecting succor from the Biden administration.


“As President Biden has made clear, the U.S. government is committed to rebuilding a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system,” said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “This latest action is another step in our commitment to reform immigration policies that do not align with our nation’s values. Especially at the border, however, where capacity constraints remain serious, changes will take time.”

Washington Examiner:

The DHS will announce a virtual registration process so that migrants can sign up from any location. They will be told to show up for admission at a nearby port of entry at a specific date and time. DHS is working with the State and Justice departments on the rollout. Only migrants whose cases have made it to the pending stage before DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review will be eligible for admittance.

Migrants allowed into the country for legal proceedings will be required to wear face masks and socially distance themselves from others, both precautionary measures to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone will be tested for the coronavirus before entering the U.S.

There are tens of thousands of other asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico whose cases are not pending. They will also get a chance to get waived across the border.


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Everything is going to be done in a nice, orderly, peaceful fashion, right? People will politely stand in line. There will be no mad, chaotic rushes to the border by not just asylum seekers, but illegal aliens, criminals, drug runners, or anyone else who wants to get into the U.S.

They wish.

I don’t believe the well-meaning, compassionate, nincompoops working for Biden understand the forces they are playing with. The people trying to get in are civilized, but what’s driving them to leave their countries and cross a couple of thousand miles of the desert has nothing to do with civilization. It’s about survival. Once these migrants start coming, the administration can make all the rules it wants and people will just ignore them. Allowing people with pending cases waiting in Mexico entry into the U.S. will rapidly turn into a mad rush to the border.

It’s very sad that many countries on or near our borders are such rotten places to live — no jobs, no security, no hope. But do the American people deserve to have their problems become our problems? Is that fair?


The humanitarian crisis that’s about to erupt at the southern U.S. border will be entirely the fault of the Biden administration. It will be a failure of vision and deliberately ignoring common sense. Open borders crusaders don’t do common sense and their vision is limited to seeing what’s on the end of their noses.

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