Totalitarian Twitter Deletes Tweet on Border Wall by Acting Border Protection Chief as 'Hateful'

Townhall Media/Julio Roas

Twitter deleted a tweet celebrating 400 miles of the border wall being completed, saying it was “hateful.”

The tweet came from the account of the acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan. Twitter not only flagged the tweet but froze Morgan’s account as well.


But we shouldn’t worry. Twitter only deletes “hate speech.”

Washington Times:

“This should outrage every American citizen,” said acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan, who was with other Homeland Security officials at the border Thursday to celebrate wall construction.

The tweet, which was still blocked as of Thursday morning, said walls “stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators and drugs,” and said “It’s a fact, walls work.”

The tweet was pulled down just as Twitter’s CEO was testifying to Capitol Hill at a hearing about its role in censoring political speech.

The Federalist reports the reasons Twitter found it “necessary” to lock Morgan’s account.

According to screenshots shared exclusively with The Federalist, Twitter locked Morgan’s account Wednesday afternoon for apparently violating platform rules governing “hateful conduct” after the commissioner attempted to tweet about the wall’s benefits.

“You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease,” Twitter wrote in an email explaining the suspension. As is clear from the banned post’s text, the commissioner did not threaten anyone based on race, national origin, or anything else.


Apparently, Twitter neglected to include “hurting the feelings of illegal aliens” in their “hateful conduct” list.

What’s scarier? That Twitter is arrogant enough to freeze the account of a high-ranking government official or that they actually believe referring to a border wall is “hateful”?

“If you look at the tweet in question again,” Morgan told The Federalist, speaking of the problematic post that provoked the suspension, “every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, and pedophiles from entering our country. It’s just a fact.”

Twitter, Morgan said, blocked the post anyway and reprimanded the commissioner without consulting with the Department of Homeland Security to discuss the efficacy of the border wall stopping criminals from illegally entering the country.

This is exactly what conservatives fear: that their positions on controversial issues will be censored because Twitter disagrees politically. Some of our friends on the right already walk on eggshells when tweeting, especially about hot-button issues such as race and gender. The inability of conservatives to express themselves freely is just as damaging as suspending accounts for specious reasons.


Does anyone believe a Democratic House and Senate and a Democratic president will improve the situation for the right on social media?

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