Experts Now Saying Don't Mail Your Ballot; Vote in Person

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The Democrats’ ploys to draw out the ballot-counting process have largely failed across the country, so now, election and postal experts are saying it’s already too late to mail your ballot. If you want your vote to count, you need to vote in person.


It appears that about 10 percent of all first-class mail is being delayed because of the massive volume of election mail. Despite extraordinary measures by the USPS to get every ballot where it needs to go to be counted, it won’t be enough to ensure that every single ballot mailed before Election Day arrives in time to be counted.

This wouldn’t have been a problem if Democrats hadn’t terrified voters into thinking it was deadly to show up to vote in person.

Daily Caller:

“If you haven’t requested a mail ballot yet, it’s too late,” David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation & Research, told The Post. “I don’t care about the legal deadline; it’s just too late in terms of getting it processed, getting it mailed to you and you being able to fill it out and return it.”

He added: “You’re just putting too much pressure on yourself. At this point, if you haven’t requested a mail ballot yet, plan to vote in person and vote early, if possible.”

The extraordinary measures the USPS is taking to speed up the delivery of ballots are unprecedented.

Postal workers are allowed to sort and postmark ballots themselves, a departure from regular protocol, the memo added, according to The Post. Also, post offices are now authorized to create ballot-only lines and drive-through ballot drop-off areas.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign has started encouraging Americans to submit ballots in person rather than through mail-in, The Post reported. Biden has been a strong proponent of voting by mail throughout the election, according to Harper’s Bazaar.


An interesting dynamic has created a unique correlation between support for Donald Trump’s re-election and in-person versus mail-in voting.

A survey of over 215,000 registered voters taken between June and September found that people who disapproved of President Donald Trump’s performance were more likely to vote by mail, according to Axios. Seventy-four percent of registered voters who strongly disapproved of Trump said they would vote by mail while 77% of those who strongly approved of the president said they were more likely to vote in person.

The Democrats’ tactic of scaring people into mailing in their ballots appears to have worked. Up to sixty million mailed-in ballots are expected to be counted before the tallies are complete. Of course, any ballots that arrive too late to be counted will be blamed on USPS “sabotage” by Trump and his appointees, not on individual voters too witless to heed the warnings of everyone and mail their ballots early. Sometimes, when people act stupidly, they should be called out for it, not given some cockamamie excuse that someone else is to blame.


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