Iran Accuses West of 'Disinformation' As Another Huge Explosion Rocks Tehran

For the third time in three weeks, an explosion has rocked the Iranian capital of Tehran, leading many to conclude that these were coordinated attacks probably planned by Israel and the United States. Iran is denying that the explosion even occurred, although social media postings and “unofficial” news agencies say it did. They are accusing the west of mounting a disinformation campaign to undermine the regime.


That’s a good idea. Why didn’t we think of that?

The blast yesterday was so powerful, it knocked out power to thousands of residents. The Jerusalem Post reports that the blast may have targeted a Revolutionary Guard missile site.

Explosions were reported west of Tehran on Thursday night, with some initial reports claiming that the explosions occurred at a missile depot belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

According to the Iranian Mehr News Agency, the explosions were reported by social media users west of Tehran and in the cities of Garmdareh and Quds.

The Iranian government quoted the mayor of Garmdereh as saying that they heard no explosions. But there was one small problem.

Along with the denial of the explosion, Iranian media reported that the mayor of Garmdareh had stated that the explosion was caused by gas tanks, but it was later discovered that the quoted mayor had died over a year ago and that the quoted news was from years ago, according to the Independent Persian.

The fact that the mayor was dead complicated the official story somewhat.

On Monday, there was still another explosion that may have been an accident, but that analysts point out is uncomfortably close to the warehouse that Israeli Mossad raided and found thousands of documents related to Iran’s nuclear program.


There has been an epidemic of accidents at key industrial sites as well. Lots of “exploding oxygen tanks.”

On Saturday, a fire broke out at the Shahid Medhaj Zargan power plant in the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran, and a chlorine leak sent dozens of employees to the emergency room at a petrochemical plant in the same region on Saturday, according to Iranian media.

The fire at the power plant broke out after a transformer exploded, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency. A spokesman for the Iranian electricity industry later told Iranian media that the “connection” of one of the transformers caused the fire, not an explosion.

About an hour after the fire at the power plant, 70 people were injured from a chlorine gas leak at the Karun Petrochemical Company, located south of Ahvaz, according to the Iranian IRNA news agency. The leak occurred after a pipe from a tank ruptured. The cause of the rupture is being investigated, according to a local official.

There is a sabotage plan being executed. That’s fairly clear. The fact that the sabotage is not only targeting key nuclear and missile sites but also power plants and other key industrial plants is significant but the ultimate goals of the plot remain hidden. Certainly, there is a psychological element to the attacks and undermining confidence in the Iranian regime as the incompetent clerics still try to cover up their inadequate response to the pandemic and the economy continues to deteriorate could be a prelude to something even bigger.


These attacks are more than just nagging pinpricks. The severity and regularity of the attack suggest this is just the beginning.

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