San Francisco Declares the NRA to Be a 'Domestic Terrorist Organization'

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors went full frontal, bat guano crazy and passed a resolution declaring the National Rife Association to be a “domestic terrorist organization.”


Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus…Shazam! “We declare the NRA to be a “domestic terrorist organization.” It’s just that simple. You should try it at home.

Shazam! The DNC is a domestic terrorist organization.

Whoosh! The Democratic Socialists of America are a domestic terrorist organization.

Heebie Jeebie! Code Pink is a domestic terrorist organization.

See how easy that is?

Fox News:

The resolution, which passed Tuesday and says the U.S. is “plagued by an epidemic of gun violence,” accuses the NRA of using “its considerable wealth and organization strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence.”

Imagine making it a crime to “promote gun ownership.” Did we mention owning guns is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States? Must’ve slipped my mind.

“All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give them ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association’s influence,” the resolution says.


Yep. There it is. That damned dirty, inconvenient, U.S. Constitution.

The NRA actually responded to this comedy.

“This ludicrous stunt by the Board of Supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime, to name a few,” the statement said, according to KTVU. “The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.”

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are a few shakes short of a martini. But they have company. Most of the Democratic candidates are equally loony.

The measure comes as Democrats across the country are ramping up calls to crack down on gun ownership, in response to deadly mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and western Texas. Some presidential candidates have proposed mandatory buyback programs, notably Beto O’Rourke who bluntly told reporters that would be the plan.

“I want to be really clear that that’s exactly what we are going to do,” O’Rourke said. “Americans who own AR-15s, AK-47s, will have to sell them to the government.”


Because all voters like to be threatened with gun confiscation, right?

It’s amazing to watch. The deliberate, conscious political suicide by a major political party. These poor, deluded liberals believe that voters are eager to be ordered around like toddlers, being told it’s for their own good that the government be put in charge of their health care, that government seizes their guns, that they should forget those silly “Constitutional rights” they learned about in school.

A Democrat may yet win the presidency. But it won’t be because people love them and embrace their agenda. It will be because a majority of them can’t stomach Donald Trump’s antics anymore and refuse to put up with the chaos for another 4 years.


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