Howard Schultz Having Second Thoughts About Running for President

Protesters hold signs as they demonstrate outside a book-promotion event held by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Howard Schultz returned to his hometown of Seattle last night and was greeted by dozens of protesters demanding he not run for president.

Schultz was in town to promote his new book, From the Ground Upbut some Seattleites were having none of it.


The Hill:

Washington State Democratic Party Chairwoman Tina Podlodowski said Schultz was not responsible enough citizen to be president.

“Since 2005, Howard Schultz has only voted in 11 of 38 elections — you’ve not done your duty and responsibility as a citizen,” she said, according to KIRO 7.

Schultz, who has said he will make a final decision on his candidacy in the coming months, started his career as a businessman in Seattle. He bought local coffee retailer Starbucks in 1987, and the company became a multinational corporation by the time he stepped down last year.

Some Democrats have said that the amount of blowback against Schultz indicates he won’t end up declaring his candidacy.

In fact, the near-hysterical criticism of Schultz by Democrats who are terrified that his independent run could cost them the presidency has given the coffee mogul pause.

Fox Business:

The billionaire and former Starbucks CEO  has told advisors that he was shocked by the stridency of the attacks made by Democrats following the announcement he was seriously considering running for president as an independent in the 2020 election, and is now said to be looking more closely at whether he wants to go through with the effort, the FOX Business Network has learned.

Schultz has been the recipient in recent days of an angry backlash by leading Democrats after he announced he was exploring running as an independent last Sunday during a 60 Minutes interview. Schultz once described himself as a lifelong Democrat but said he now may break with his old party because he feels it has moved too far to the left on spending and taxes, while promoting programs that will saddle future generations with enormous debt.


You can bet Democrats are united in seeking to block Schultz from running. We’d call it collusion, but that would be silly.

Schultz will be hounded from venue to venue by Democrat-organized protests. They will pay for opposition research groups to dig up dirt on the billionaire (another job for Fusion GPS?). The media, some of whom were all but begging him to run and save the country, are now asking him when the last time was he beat his wife.

Howard Schultz is being “Borked” and will have to make a choice between being destroyed or slipping back into relative anonymity.

In a couple of months we’ll be asking, “Howard who?”



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