Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade Renamed 'Resist March'

People participate in a Resist March that replaced the annual Pride Parade in Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 11, 2017. REUTERS/Andrew Cullen

I feel sorry for gay people. All this Trump hate being hysterically expressed and the only thing they can protest Trump for is that he thinks people with penises should use the men’s bathroom and people with vaginas should use the women’s bathroom. Even then, he thinks the matter should be left up to the states.


Vice President Pence is more of a traditional conservative on gay issues, but the last I looked, libs haven’t impeached Trump yet so whatever Pence believes is irrelevant.

Otherwise, the president supports gay marriage and gay rights. He backed up the latter by maintaining the Obama administration’s executive order on barring discrimination against gays by federal contractors.

Making a federal case out of bathroom use is silly, but when you’ve got nothing else to hate Trump for, it will do in a pinch.

So the gay community in Los Angeles decided to rename their pride parade the “Resist March.” Tens of thousands of people took to the streets trying to outdo each other in showing just how awful, terrible, dangerous, and just downright bad Donald Trump is.


Organizers of the Resist March say the 3-mile (4.8km) walk will begin in Hollywood at 8 a.m. PDT (1500 GMT) and culminate with a rally in gay-friendly West Hollywood featuring U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and groups such as GLAAD, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter and the American Civil Liberties Union.

“This was not the year for parades. This was the year to take to the streets and march,” said Stephen Macias, a spokesman for the organizers.

“The march is still about celebrating our community but its also about recognizing the climate we live in and the delicate balance around civil rights,” Macias said.

The move has brought criticism from some in the Southern California gay community, who say the one day of the year set aside to celebrate their lives should not be given over to other political causes.

It marks the second year in a row that Los Angeles Pride organizers have faced dissension. In 2016, some activists boycotted pride events on the grounds that they had lost their focus on the larger gay community to become a music festival catering largely younger people.

This year’s march comes a day after anti-corporate protesters briefly blocked the route of a Washington, D.C., pride parade, in part in opposition to such corporate backers as Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) and weapons maker Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N).

The Washington protestors also demanded a transgender minority woman be added to the board of parade organizer Capital Pride, and that police be barred from marching.

In response, Ryan Bos, executive director of Capital Pride Alliance, released a statement on Sunday acknowledging the importance of considering differing points of view.

“We encourage a robust, civil, and healthy conversation within the community about all of the issues that impact us and look forward to having a mutually respectful conversation in the days, weeks, and months ahead,” Bos said.

Macias, the Los Angeles march spokesman, said the complaints about this year’s Resist March were due largely to a misunderstanding about its intentions and that the weekend still would feature gay pride festivities across the Los Angeles area.


I would point out that we already have a “resistance” against Trump. It’s built into the Constitution and we call it “elections.” Of course, liberals, like 5-year-olds, have no patience (“Are we there yet? No, dear, not until 2020”) so they had to invent all sorts of scary stuff, like Russians hiding under the bed or Trump dressed like a Kluxer lynching black people. It’s outrageous, but if it works…

I prefer to base my anti-Trumpism on reality and what the president has done so far, and not on fantasies of what he might do or is capable of doing, or what, in their fevered, paranoid imaginations, Trump hasn’t done and would never dream of doing but, since they read it in a newspaper, they just know in their gut he’s done.

If gays want to hang their Trump hate on who gets to use which bathroom, that’s fine. They can walk around with signs at the Resist March proclaiming “My Penis, My Choice” if they want.

But it doesn’t alter my perception of them being basically brain dead as a result of their anti-Trump hysteria.


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