To This Woman, Chickens Are People Too


This Facebook video is going viral today, and it’s easy to see why.

Headlined “PROOF: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” the video opens with a young woman walking into a restaurant. She then begins to regale the diners with a story about the plight of her “little girl.” For about half the video, the weepy woman tells of the dangers faced by her little girl — and you might even begin to feel her pain a bit.


Until you discover she’s talking about a chicken.

“She walks everywhere with a look of determination in her eyes…” Since birds have no facial muscles, that’s a pretty good trick — or a figment of this crazy woman’s imagination.

Note also that she constantly refers to the chickens as “girls” and “sisters.” Does that mean it’s OK to eat boy chickens?

What she’s all riled up about I have no idea. If ever a beast deserved to be people food, it’s …. a chicken. Chickens can’t pull a plow like an ox. You can’t ride them like you can a horse. They aren’t useful like sheep or goats. All they do is waddle around all day.

This woman definitely needs an intervention — and a KFC family dinner with her “little girl” as the main course.

Her name is Snow. And she’s delicious.


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