Just in Time for 2016, NBC to Air Mini-Series on Hillary Clinton

Show business bible Variety is reporting that NBC is working on a min-series in the life of Hillary Clinton, set to air prior to her announcement that she is a presidential candidate in 2016.


Given FEC regulations, this would probably mean an airing in February or March of 2015.


NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt opened his Television Critics Assn. exec session by talking up the Peacock’s “year of improvement” and unveiling four high-profile longform projects in the works.

Greenblatt said the Peacock is working on a miniseries about Hillary Clinton to star Diane Lane; a reboot of “Rosemary’s Baby”; a new version of Stephen King’s “Tommyknockers”; and a historical project with Mark Burnett about the pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock.

Greenblatt emphasized that networks “need to be in the event business…. All of (the new projects) have their own event nature.”

The role of Bill Clinton has not yet been cast, nor is there a completed script yet, Greenblatt said. He said the mini would likely air before Hillary Clinton formally declares herself to be a presidential candidate in 2016.

“HIllary” will follow Clinton from the 1998 period of the Monica Lewinsky scandal through the present day. Script, which has not been written, will be penned by Courtney Hunt (“Frozen River”).

Lane was attached from the start to the package brought to NBC by producer Sherryl Clark, who will exec produce with James D. Stern (“Looper”) and Endgame Entertainment.


It used to be that networks tried to hide their allegiance to the Democratic party, or at least be very subtle about their support. NBC has apparently decided not to make any pretense of their political sympathies. Their shameless whoring for Democrats has reached its zenith with this project.

Anyone who thinks that a Hillary Clinton min-series will be anything but a 8 or 10 hour campaign commercial is fooling themselves. Look what the Clintons did with the ABC 9/11 movie, The Path to 9/11. Any hint of Clinton mistakes were violently attacked. One would expect the same treatment if the Hillary min-series steps over the line.

Diane Lane is a fine actress. Pity she has chosen to act as a shill for the Democratic party.



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