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Today ISIS claimed responsibility for a van attack on a pedestrian mall in Barcelona that left 13 dead and a hundred injured.  Suddenly the War on Statues was thrown off the front pages by the War on Terror.  Events can overwhelm the Narrative through a process called burn-through. When the signal from events exceeds the power of a jammer it is said to "burn through".

Narratives are powerful but not omnipotent.  The Lone Wolf Narrative can be sold to the public only while attacks fall below a certain frequency. Once the attacks happen too frequently the script fails and the public begins to wonder if the Lone Wolves aren't really a pack. Even the immense media resources at the disposal of progressives can be overcome by a strong signal from events.

The presence of jamming can sometimes be inferred from an excessive number of "sudden" or "unexpected" events that appear in full blown form without the slightest warning. Their sudden onset is explained by the pop out when they pass the filter.  When things appear suddenly and very close at hand it might be because they're past the blinders. The presence of too many sudden and unexpected events of the same type could be a sign that a filter is in operation.

A little processing can help clarify the picture.  The frequency of events is an important indicator of their true proportion.  The low frequency of past white supremacist marches could be because there really aren't that many Nazis around. If there were so many Nazis around why are they so few and why was their flagship website on GoDaddy?  If they are on the rise then why are "white supremacist" statues so old instead of so recent?

On the other hand, if Islamic extremism were so rare why are attack frequency counts rising instead of falling?  Skewed assessments are not necessarily caused by malice. The relative weakness of the Nazis vis a vis Radical Islamism can explain the emphasis on "right wing extremists". The well-known Drunkard's Search effect describes the "tendency for people to search in the easiest places, rather than the ones that are the most likely to yield results. The name comes from the idea of a drunkard seeking his car keys under a street lamp because the light is better instead of where he most likely lost them."

Since it's relatively easy to go after Nazis or dead Confederates compared to radical Islamists backed by oil money and guns it is human nature to go after the low-risk bad guys. Our unwillingness to go up against a hard target explains why the last half dozen presidents were so chummy with Saudi Arabia.  It also explains why Antifa feels more comfortable opposing the "alt-right".