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Run To the Left

How does one put the following data points together?

  • The mayor of a major American city faced with riots tells her police for to “let them loot, it’s only property.”
  • Economists were surprised by an unexpected decline in US growth from an expected 1.0% growth to an actual 0.2% in the first quarter of 2015.
  • The administration is now in the business of helping families pay ransoms to Islamic kidnappers as Josh Earnest told reporters “Speaking generally, helping with a ransom payment … is not tantamount to paying a ransom.”
  • Former Gitmo prisoners are now demanding reparations from the US taxpayer.
  • Navy ships are now escorting American flagged vessels through the Straits of Hormuz as Iran’s foreign minister boasts that Congress can’t stop Obama’s deal with Tehran. John Boehner agrees he doesn’t have the votes to stop the president.
  • The Clinton Foundation failed to disclose 1,100 foreign donations as Frank Giustra responded “we’re not trying to hide anything.”
  • Hillary Clinton, in a major speech, broke her silence on the riots in Baltimore and proposed  an “end to the era of mass incarceration”.
  • Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, has announced he is running for president.
  • The administration will not let states even ask people to establish they are citizens when they register to vote.
  • A poll shows that a “strong majority of young voters would like to see a Democrat stay in the White House in 2016.”  The millennials can’t wait to see Hillary, or preferably Warren or Sanders, in the White House.

How to put those data points together? By remembering how the migrant boat from Libya sank on the way to Italy. The passengers crammed into the ship rushed blindly to one side to catch a glimpse of a freighter, thereby capsizing it.  The perfectly describes the Left, who , facing catastrophe on every front is doing the only thing it knows how: doubling down on Leftist canon.  Everyone is now stampeding left, because that will save the boat.

That’s what Chavez did.  What Maduro is doing.  It’s what Castro did when he could still do something.  It’s what British Labor party chief Ed Miliband plans to do by proposing to make Islamophobia illegal.   But is paranoia, not hope, that is driving their frenzy.  To fully understand why it is important to understand the Marxist concept of “someone”.

The Baltimore mayor was unconcerned about property destruction because she was convinced that “someone” would rebuild it.   The same “someone” who will pay for the deficit and ransoms to al-Qaeda, as well as the bribes to Iran.  The identical “someone” that will cough up the reparations to the inmates of Guantanamo.  The “someone” who will man the ships to fight the Iranian boghammers, should it come to that.

“Someone” is the source of other people’s money.  He is like the tooth fairy who makes the wreckage of looted streets and houses go away.  In fact four pastors in the revival tent of the Left  advocate sending prayers known as tax collection letters to “someone” — who is not from earth, not from MSNBC anyway  — to pay for all their wishes as they don’t pay any themselves.

“Someone” is the Leftist equivalent of God; responsible for all the good and bad in the world, something to fear as much as  need. This mysterious deity, when loosed from control, is the cause of the failure of all their schemes, he makes the crops go bad, ruined Detroit, hexed foreign policy, inspired the riots in Baltimore and caused the drought in California.

Whenever anything goes wrong, it is with the Dark Side of the “Someone” that we should look for an explanation.  Find the wreckers, saboteurs, capitalist roaders and you will find the source of evil.  They in former times went about as a Black Cat but now favor the appearance of a white male or black person (who is really a white patriarch in disguise).  These malign spirits are often glimpsed driving in a beater at all hours, drinking cheap coffee and eating even cheaper donuts, with unsightly bags around their eyes, to and from a mysterious place of devil-worship called “work”.  There you will find the root of oppression, microaggression and all the ills of the world.

Lenin called imperialism the final stage of capitalism, but he always assumed that Communism would be the highest phase of socialism. That’s where he was wrong. What Lenin didn’t realize was that prayerful piety is the ultimate stage of Leftism.  It’s when you are in a line praying there is still toilet paper, or bread or a job left for you at the end; it is when you are on your knees before al-Qaeda begging them to reduce the ransom from $2 to $1.85 million because that’s all your house, car, jewelry and life savings are worth.  It is when your arms are raised in rapturous hope at the coming of Obama, Warren, Sanders — or Hillary.  That’s the last vision of heaven you will see as you rush to one side of the boat.

Chesterton was right. When people stopped believing in God they didn’t believe in nothing, they started believing in anything.  “Lock them in the hold! Lock them in the hold!!”

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