Retreat Hell Yeah

Don't write a check your a** can't cash. Never draw a Red Line that you're not prepared to enforce. Don't threaten consequences you're not prepared to impose.  Never make as if you're drawing a weapon against an armed man and come up pointing your finger. Some people learn life's lessons after a while.

Some people never learn. Time magazine  reports that the White House has backed the Ukrainian government's efforts to suppress separatism on its eastern border with an expression of support. As for tangible help, nada.

White House Backs Ukraine’s Eastern Offensive.

The White House says it supports the offensive against separatists in the country's eastern provinces, which began Tuesday 25 miles north of Slovyansk and could expand to 10 cities throughout the region

The White House said Tuesday it supports military action taken on Tuesday by the interim government of Ukraine against separatist militants across the eastern part of the country. ...

U.S. officials say there are no current plans to provide weapons to Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reports. Officials estimate there are roughly 50,000 Russian forces deployed to the country’s border with eastern Ukraine.

The Voice of America carries a similar account. "WHITE HOUSE — The Obama administration has suggested that Ukraine's operations against pro-Russian separatists are justified, but that the U.S. is not considering providing lethal assistance."

US Backs Ukraine's Separatist Crackdown

Without going as far as stating U.S. support for the Ukrainian government's decision to send in tanks and troops, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters the United States appreciates Ukraine's pledge that it will act responsibly and gradually against the separatists who have taken over government buildings and other facilities.

This brings to mind Obama's "support" for Syrian rebels without providing any "lethal assistance".   The president once again declares he stands ready to support his allies to the limit of his teleprompter. But about all else he has provided besides are a few containers of MREs.

One might well ask: of what does the administration's support consist except an shouted exhortation from well to the rear to advance "responsibly and gradually"? It's a phrase that sounds more like an slogan against drunk driving than the tocsin of resistance.

An endorsement without muscle may be worse than no endorsement at all.