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I had earlier noted that Leo Linbeck, who’s commented on this site, was going on TV together with Mark Meckler. For those who might not have access to TV, here’s the duo on the Dylan Ratigan how.. The segment lasts less than 8 minutes and both Leo and Mark explain the primary accountability strategy in very easy to remember terms. If you’ve ever wondered why the Campaign for Primary Accountability has chosen this particular approach, the video is a convenient place to start.


Mark Meckler makes the point that due to the arithmetic of primary elections — fewer people participate and hence the “swing” part of it is numerically smaller — a voter has fivefold impact upon elections as compared to the generals. And since, as Leo puts it, the primaries are where who goes to Washington gets decided, voting in primaries is the mathematical equivalent of using a force multiplier.

Worse, that strategy is hold hat for the cognoscenti. The activists and political junkies — “the tails of the distribution” — in Leo’s phrase, are working the primaries already. It’s only the ordinary folks who are absent for the scene. Hence, Washington reflects the polar opinion and is not as representative of the bulk of the population.

It’s pretty persuasive and in the end Mark and Leo get a pledge from Dylan Ratigan to vote in the primaries. For those similarly inclined, or who feel like supporting the cause of voter participation in primaries, there’s a “Share via Email and Facebook” button on the Ratigan video link.


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