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The $350 bottle of wine vs the $400 haircut vs the $10m vacation

The problem with the great unwashed is that they don’t know how to live. Real men about town should know how to order the $350 bottle of wine and get the $400 haircut. And as to holidays, there is little to beat the $10m publicly funded vacation. But that is for hard working public servants. For the down at heel in the private sector or those still seeking employment, a little budgeting may be in order. But leisure is still within reach and here are some ways to find bargains.

Choice accomodation. Advertisements proclaiming that a certain hostelry is “close to various restaurants or area attractions like fairgrounds and county General Hospitals are generally indicators of value for money. There may not be any amenities on the premises, although toothpaste and soap may be purchased nearby. You may also want to consider places that offer the use of an outdoor barbecue at little or no charge since by scavenging wood and buying hamburger on special from the nearest supermarket, a nutritious and delectable meal may easily be prepared.

Fine dining. A news story reporting that “a combination of 36 cockroach bombs and an oven pilot light has blown apart a Thai restaurant in Perth, injuring three men, two seriously” suggest that this dining establishment must be patronized the instant it is rebuilt from the ashes. The obvious care with which the staff are maintaining the hygiene of the premises means tasty food at a price you can afford.

And there’s no need to spend on overpriced wines. This site featuring an extensive listing of beverages in hand twist-caps and packaged in discreet brown paper bags provides a handy guide to quality tipple at low cost.

Yes, the life of the a working man need not be all drudgery. A little careful planning is all it takes to get away from it all. And remember, next year will even be better. That’s what the American dream is all about.