Starting the New Year with a Bang

Nearly a hundred civilians have died as a suicide bomber blew up a volleyball game in Pakistan. Al Jazeera reports:

A suicide bomber has killed at least 88 people and injured dozens more in northwest Pakistan.

The attack on Friday at a volleyball tournament in the city of Lakki Marwat was one of the deadliest Pakistan has seen in recent months.

There has been no claim of responsibility, but officials say the attack could be in retaliation to local tribal efforts to combat the Taliban.


Poor people. Just remember the 8:1 rule. Radical Islamic terrorism will kill from 8 to 10 Muslims for every non-Muslim in order to maintain control over the population. In Iraq the pattern was the same. Thousands of Iraqis, nearly all of them Muslim, were killed by al-Qaeda or other militant groups. So when you hear the argument that terrorism exists because “they hate us”, remember that it is all about POWER. The WSJ has more details. It was a truck bomb which blew the victims, some of them just kids, dozens of feet from their original positions.

Witnesses said an attacker drove a double-cabin truck into the area between houses where hundreds of spectators, including many teens, were watching a volleyball game between two local teams. The high-intensity explosion drove victims several hundreds of feet and leveled dozens of homes. Among the dead were eight children, six paramilitary troops, two police and several players, said Ayed Khan, the local police chief.

Several local elders were also killed, police said, as part of the mosque where they were gathering collapsed. Police said it was meeting to discuss the local peace committee, as the local militias are often called.

Dozens more were wounded, and the death count rose into the evening Friday as officials searched in the dark for bodies and survivors.


The main idea, as you can guess, is to provide an object lesson in what happens to people who even think of crossing the Taliban. The Nazis, the FLN and the NVA would have understood perfectly. If they can maintain control over the population then all they have to do is wait for their enemies to tire and give up.

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