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Pathways of stone

A number of Liberal political advocacy groups have called for a change in the laws of Massachusetts in order to provide more votes for health care “reform”. The Washington Post’s Capitol Briefing writes:

MassVOTE, which calls itself “a non-partisan voting rights organization,” has launched a Web site,, asking readers to “[s]ign our petition to the Massachusetts Legislature to honor Ted Kennedy’s legacy by taking steps to ensure an immediate, temporary appointment who won’t run in the election to fill Massachusetts’s second Senate seat. … Supporting the effort are several liberal-leaning groups, including the state branches of the Service Employees International Union and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Patrick has endorsed the idea of changing the law, and leaders in the state Legislature are reportedly warming to the idea as well.

When Steven Crowder at Pajamas TV went undercover and applied for an activist job at an actual activist organization, they openly told him that it’s sometimes necessary to fix things so’s the ignorant voters gets whats for their own good. Crowder’s funny, but the story is really a sad one and speaks almost directly to the ACORN effort to short-circuit the electoral process. Why is it moral to exploit sympathy for the dead to circumvent democracy simply to force on the living something they don’t want? Cui bono? Not the dead; nor even a majority of the living. Why then? Because some things are simply a sacrifice on the altar of “progress”; they have to happen, and never mind why. It’s not for the “sake of the children” but for the sake of an idea; and as in many of those ancient temples in which things were burned before the gods, there was never a shortage of those who took the offerings when the tearful devotees had left. When faith dies, there’s still business.

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