Losing the embed

I got an email from Michael Yon attributing the cancellation of his embed with the British to thoughtlessness and bureaucratic oversight. he writes:

The specific problem for me was that MoD cut off the embed with zero warning and no chance for me to prepare. … MoD is giving the reason that my long stay is prompting uproar among journalists who cannot get embed slots. I’ve embedded longer in Iraq with combat troops, for instance, than any journalist of any sort. I don’t buy their backpedalling now that this is public, but even if they are being truthful the truth itself is lame reason to stop me embed. There is no journalist in the U.K. or the U.S. who spends more time in combat. It’s silly to lump me in with the war-tourist sorts who come here for a month or two (usually a week or two). Among those who do come, most rarely if ever go on true combat missions to see what our lads are dealing with.


Part of the problem is that bureaucracies designed for the transient type of journalist will probably find a Michael Yon a square peg in a round hole.


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