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Ships in the night

Two leaders want to emulate each other for different reasons. There’s Barack Obama who wants to transform America into Europe, because Europe is better. And then there’s Gordon Brown who wants to emulate the American style, perhaps because it is not yet where he is. The Times Online reports:


Gordon Brown is preparing to tell his demoralised and impoverished party that Labour may need to reinvent itself as a modern progressive movement modelled on Barack Obama’s campaign.

The Prime Minister is examining proposals that could see Labour’s rule book being ripped up and the party turned into a looser federation of supporters similar to the US Democrats.

On his flight home from Washington last week, the Prime Minister wrote a foreword to a Fabian Society publication entitled The Change We Need: What Britain Can Learn From Obama’s Victory.

Which is the future and which the past? Which is the modern and which the obsolete? Or do all those definitions vanish when they come together, in the Twilight Zone.

[youtube 7yF5FKNnxoQ]

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