A self-made hell

One of my theories is that anti-Semitism itself destroys the anti-Semite. The real problem with letting a hatred possess you isn’t just that you may eventually destroy the object of your hatred, but that you’ll eventually destroy yourself. It’s a peculiar curse. Dennis Prager asks why the Mumbai attackers would waste precious manpower, ammunition and operational planning to kill and torture a handful of Jews.


Why would a terrorist group of Islamists from Pakistan whose primary goal is to have Pakistan gain control of the third of Kashmir that belongs to India and therefore aimed to destabilize Indias major city devote so much of its efforts — 20 percent of its force of 10 gunmen whose stated goal was to kill 5,000 — to killing a rabbi and any Jews with him?

The question echoes one from World War II: Why did Hitler devote so much time, money, and manpower in order to murder every Jewish man, woman, and child in every country the Nazis occupied? Why did Hitler — as documented by the late historian Lucy Dawidowicz in her aptly named book The War against the Jews — weaken the Nazi war effort by diverting money, troops, and military vehicles from fighting the Allies to rounding up Jews and shipping them to death camps?

Why? Because they were there. The Islamic world has untold mineral and human riches much of which has lain fallow and unused because too many people lie awake nights thinking of the Jew. Once, when asked if there was a solution to the problem in the Middle East, I facetiously answered: “yes. It will be end if the Arabs convert to Judaism or Christianity for a decade or the Jews convert to Islam for 48 hours.” An Islamic world unburdened with a hatred for the Jews would become so rich and technologically advanced in a decade they would feel no need to conquer Israel.  An Israel which killed all its neighbors in a night and a day would lose its reason to live. Either way, hate kills.


Here are two videos that describe the theory of self-destructive hatred. Maybe it’s allegorical.

[youtube _ZMuOhuB3Wo]

[youtube ZwZzmceHplU]


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