War Brings Profit

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It’s true that war is hell, but it’s also true that it is a time that brings out the most opportunistic and greedy aspects of some people. In Judaism, we call this the yetzer hara, the evil inclination. As we support Israel in this war against the evil of Hamas, a modern-day Amalek, we must also be aware and not support the self-serving individuals and organizations that are seeking to fill their own coffers by capitalizing on this horrific war.


Sadly but not surprisingly, the first organization that is prominently capitalizing on the war is an organization that was created over a century ago with the express purpose of helping the Jewish people: the Anti-Defamation League. But under the leadership of former Obama staff member Jonathan Greenblatt since 2015, the ADL has changed its actions to bordering on actual anti-Semitism as it has traded in its commitment to Jews and Judaism for a commitment to leftist politics.

Under Greenblatt, the ADL has partnered with anti-Semites like Al Sharpton, BLM, and even CAIR. For Greenblatt, whose base salary is reported as $1.2 million, every tragedy is an opportunity to fundraise. While the people of Israel desperately need funds for basic items like food for displaced families, while the IDF needs money for special protections against Hamas’ homicide terrorists, and while Israeli hospitals need to quickly purchase medical supplies and equipment, Greenblatt uses the war to appeal for ADL donations.

He is shameless in his attempts to fill his bank accounts. While people give to the ADL thinking it will help Israel, it is actually going to an organization that is spending it on supporting other leftist organizations, pro-abortion causes, leftist political candidates, and doing everything Greenblatt can think of to keep Donald Trump, the most pro-Israel President in history, out of the White House. Money donated to the ADL as long as Greenblatt is in charge is not for Israel but for a purely leftist political agenda.


But Greenblatt is not alone. Many politically leftist politicians have been screaming that the residents of Gaza are abused and that Israel is an apartheid state as they now seek money for their campaigns. Some have been proactive in their hatred for Israel, and others like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have just become cowards to “the Squad” and tacitly supported America’s abandonment of Israel.

Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), and Sen. Chris van Hollen (D-Md.) are just a few examples of men who have consistently voted against Israel as well as domestic anti-Semitic protections. Even more disgustingly, in 2019, 17 member of the House voted to support BDS (boycott, divest, sanction against Israel). Yet these anti-Semites are now seeking support from Jews and pro-Israel donors claiming that they just want peace. Let us not forget Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) and company, who not only daily demonstrate their hatred for Israel but actively seek its destruction.

And while the Democratic Party is now led by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), who receives millions from people who think he supports Israel, the reality is that he is an anti-Semite who has repeatedly defended Louis Farrakhan, one of the world’s most dangerous haters of Israel who has referred to the Jewish people as “cockroaches.” When politicians ask for funding and claim to support Israel, take a look to see if they voted for Jeffries. If they support this anti-Semite, then realize that the money that you think is going to help Israel is actually going to people who have consistently called for its destruction.


The hypocrisy of businesses who claim to support the freedom that is only found in one country in the Middle East (Israel) but actually are supporting Hamas is long and includes Lush, Sephora, Hugo Boss, and more. While they advertise that they are committed to fair practices, personal liberties, and a better world; they are also currently supporting Hamas, in some cases loudly and vocally.

Over the last four years, many clergy and houses of worship supported BLM. While BLM has publicly shown its anti-Semitic hatred in the last week, it has always had the destruction of Israel as one of its goals as listed in its manifesto. And this was widely reported enough so that each of those BLM-supporting clergy knew that anti-Semitism has always been part of their agenda…but they ignored BLM’s hate. Over the last four years, too many Rabbis and Ministers ignored BLM’s own words in hopes of being tolerated by liberal congregants, saying that BLM didn’t really mean what they said about Israel.

Well, to quote a different type of minister, the chickens have come home to roost with each of those clergy and their synagogues and churches as BLM proudly supported Hamas last week. If your rabbi or minister ever lauded the praises of BLM and solicited support for them, then do not donate one penny to that church until they take responsibility for the hell that they helped to create. There are plenty of temples and churches that have always supported Israel and never caved into the pressure of supporting BLM. Give your funds and your prayers there. If you are giving to Israel through a house of worship, make sure that 100% of the money you give goes to helping Israel. I personally know of temples and churches that have been “raising money for Israel” in the last two weeks, yet they have kept a 10%-30% “service charge” for raising the money. This truly is a rationalization by that evil inclination and should not be supported.


And there are the companies that are directly making millions on the horrors of this war. Banner and flag companies, the clothing companies selling shirts that call for the destruction of Israel, and all of the gadget companies that make pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel products. Most of these are supplied through Amazon, which has made millions if not tens of millions of dollars on this war already. Pressure must be put on Amazon to stop selling these types of products. Their sales are  increasing their profits, but they are also increasing hate throughout the world.

War brings profit, which in turn lengthens the length of the war. Take a deep look at every individual and organization that you support through philanthropy or purchase. If they support the evil of Hamas and the perpetuation of war, do your soul a favor and no longer support them with your transactions.

In 1603, the legal concept of “caveat emptor” (“buyer beware”) was introduced in England. In today’s world of a war created by the evils of Hamas, we need to be aware of who is receiving our donations.

The two Israeli causes that I have been recommending are Bnai Zion Hospital and Magen David Adom emergency services.  Thanks to help from Sebastian Gorka and his audience, close to $200,000 has already been raised for the hospital, which desperately needs more medical equipment and electrical beds as it services the wounded from the south of Israel, and the soldiers from the north. Every dollar helps, and if you feel the desire to support Israel, these are two good organizations where every dime of your money goes directly to saving lives.


War is hell, and it should be so that we are always seeking peace. It brings out the worst in some people, but it can also bring out the best as we work together to destroy evil and create healing. May we all choose to reject those who use the death of others for their own profit, and support each other as we together support Israel, freedom, and peace.



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