Virgin Atlantic Airways Ruined My Family's Trip With Intrusive Grooming

As a congregational rabbi, I don’t have time to do a lot of traveling, but I have learned an important lesson in the last year in the traveling that I have done: If you don’t want to subject your children to conscious sexual confusion and grooming, it seems that the only safe way to still travel as a family is to get in your car for a road trip away from either coast.


We are all aware of how Disney properties in both California and Florida have become recruitment centers for the far left’s pansexual gender-denying agenda. Cruise lines are no longer safe for families, with LGBalphabet exhibitionists and transvestites running the entertainment and programming on board the ship. Rather than enjoying a floating resort of family fun, children are subjected to cruise personnel letting out their inner freak. Vacations on the sea have become playgrounds for deviancy.

And as I have now experienced, even the skies are becoming grooming grounds for denial of the common-sense understanding of what a man and woman really are.

I was blessed this past month to travel with my family for a lengthy stay in Israel. For those of you who have not been, there are no words to describe the awesome magnificence of the country. We traveled from Tiberias to Eilat and everywhere in between, and experienced miracles throughout. But as wonderful as Israel is, the air travel to Israel was beyond disturbing.

Because the fares were the best, we flew over on Virgin Atlantic. This is supposedly a great airline, but despite the physical quality of the flight, food, and in-flight entertainment, I would not set foot on a Virgin aircraft again, even if the ticket were free.

As always, the first experience on a plane is the onboard safety video. These are usually boring but necessary, and Virgin has produced an animated safety video that tries to be lighthearted. Take a look at the 3:30 mark.



When I realized that the main animated character, a man with a beard, is suddenly in a woman’s skirt with heels, I was sickened. To casually throw in this unnecessary imagery as if it is normal is just another attempt by a corporation to express its LGBalphabet agenda and groom children. I didn’t fly Virgin with the intent of getting stuck seeing them preach their political agenda, and to be forced to watch this bearded man in a skirt and heels was very disturbing.

And it got even worse. We had a stopover in London, and I had pre-arranged a special experience for my family by getting passes into the famous Virgin Heathrow lounge. I was looking forward to a respite for the five hours we were at Heathrow, but again, the Virgin agenda destroyed any joy in the experience.

The Virgin lounge had great physical facilities and many large television monitors throughout that showed news and entertainment. But every few minutes, a Virgin ad would be broadcast in the programming.

Ostensibly an ad for Virgin, it was actually another grooming video about gender expression. This Virgin Air ad, which is apparently less than a year old, is all about their “gender identity policy.” It is a brazen video promoting cross-dressing and being “non-binary.”


Although Matt Walsh spoke about this when Virgin first announced its new gender policy, I was unaware that this video would be omnipresent throughout our layover. My 13-year-old twins (and everyone else in the lounge) were subjected to a non-stop ad for gender dysphoria.


I don’t travel enough to know if this is reflected in other airlines, but I do recognize the insidious actions of companies trying to fill the heads of their customers with an agenda.

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So as the summer ends and we find ourselves approaching Labor Day, plan your family vacation well. Make sure the airline, cruise ship, or theme park is committed to travel and entertainment, not social engineering.

Or you could join my family in getting in the car and exploring golf courses, national parks, and entertainment venues that are committed to family entertainment and not a political agenda.

To quote the classic film “Animal House,” there is one answer: Road trip!


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