Announcing PJTV's Red State, Red Carpet: Conservatives in Cinema (Video)

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PJTV has a new five-part series all about the entertainment industry and how conservative messages in film and TV have been marginalized, but used to be the norm, and what can be done to get conservative voices in more prominent roles of cultural importance. Series culminates with the first ever conservative awards show called “The Ronnies,” named after Ronald Reagan. First episode of the five part series is available to everyone on Youtube and now (link below). The Ronnie Awards (last episode of the series) will also be available to all starting on Friday Feb. 20th. Other three episodes are for members only or available for purchase via the PJ Store.


What Happened to Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood? 

The Hollywood red carpets were once the home of Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, and John Wayne, and they’re now the land of Matt Damon and Michael Moore. How did we wind up here? Check out this first part of the special five-part ‘Red State Red Carpet: Conservatives in Cinema’ series, with Bill Whittle, Roger L. Simon, Dinesh D’Souza, AlfonZo Rachel, and Andrew Klavan. You can find the rest of the series in the PJ Store


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