PJM Political 1/17/08: To Michigan, And Beyond!

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(43.3 MB, 54:06 duration.)

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Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen Smith interview Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the Second Amendment (he says he’s for it), socialized medicine (against it) and much more. Plus:

  • Glenn & Helen also interview Clinton economic advisor Gene Sperling on Senator Hillary Clinton’s economic proposals.
  • Burt Prelutsky on what he calls “Obama’s Creepy, Race-Obsessed Church“, and his new book, The Secret Of Their Success.
  • James Lileks on the “everyone’s a winner!” primaries.
  • And host Bill Bradley provides a full recap of both parties in Michigan, the Democrats’ debate in Las Vegas, and offers a sneak preview of South Carolina.
  • Produced by Ed Driscoll.
  • For extended versions of the interviews featured on the show, don’t miss this week’s PJM PoliticalDirector’s Cut Interviews.”

    A lo-fi edition of this week’s show (mono, 15.4 MB) is available here. Finally, if you missed any previous episodes of PJM Political, click here and scroll through for hours of audio archives.


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