CNN's Acosta Tries So Hard to Corner Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Papadopoulos/Trump/Russia Collusion

CNN’s Jim Acosta is chock full of accosting exchanges with Trump press secretaries. He has gone on a few tirades against them, alleging several liberal talking points. He is infamous for having quoted the Statue of Liberty in a conversation about the President’s Constitutional prerogatives.


But now he is demanding the White House use “collusion” language to describe what happened with George Papadopoulos and the Russians. Papadopoulos entered a guilty plea for charges that he lied to the FBI as they were conducting their Russia investigation.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders replied to Acosta’s asinine suggestion that, because there’s a picture of Trump meeting with Papadopoulos, he must have been an integral part of the Trump campaign. She said, “The president has thousands of photographs with millions of people. […] This individual was a member of a volunteer advisory council that met one time over the course of a year. […] I’d hardly call that some sort of regular advisor.”

She didn’t even dignify his suggestion that this was absolute proof of “collusion” with a response. If these are the lengths CNN will go to espouse their liberal biases, they really shouldn’t be running these “facts first” advertisements



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