Man's Breast Implant Revealed to be a Jellyfish

An Australian man brought a breast implant to authorities when he believed the implant might indicate murder or something nefarious.

The “implant” was revealed to be a jellyfish.


A concerned man submitted the “bagged and tagged circular object” to officers in Maroochydore, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast late last week.

He feared it might have indicated a drowning or possibly a murder.

The police station said in a statement that they had soon confirmed the find was not sinister.

“Officers at Maroochydore Station were all hands on deck when, much to their initial alarm, a concerned citizen attended the counter to report a possible homicide,” said the statement.

“Investigations revealed what police suspected… the item was indeed a jellyfish.”

Expert Colin Sparkes, from Surf Life Queensland, surmised the object was a blubber jellyfish.

“[The] tentacles have been knocked off by wave action or eaten by fish,” he said of the jellyfish turned over to police.


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