Watch: PJM Writer, Fantasy Sports Pro, and World Series of Poker Finalist(!) Max Steinberg Shows You Exactly How He Makes His Daily Picks

Last month, Max outlasted over 6,000 competitors to win a spot in the “November Nine” — the legendary final table at the World Series of Poker. When it’s all done in a few months, Max is guaranteed to walk away with at least $1,000,000, and possibly over $7,000,000.


When he isn’t playing poker, Max is making a killing on the Daily Fantasy Sports craze. He runs his subscription tip site where he shares his picks on each day’s slate of games, and now he is doing live broadcasts of his morning research ritual to help you get the same edge he has.

There are very few professional gamblers out there right now sharing their insider insights, and certainly none of them can claim to be one of the world’s greatest poker players. If making extra cash from an hour or so of research each day sounds appealing to you, bookmark Max’s lifestream page here for future livestreams.

If you want to play tonight, watch below now:

Watch live video from DailyFantasyWinners on Twitch


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