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Female Sorrows on the Left and West Bank

Gil Ronen is an editor and journalist at Israel National News (Arutz-Sheva). He called my attention to a recent story of his which shocked me. I should not have been surprised. I have also seen feminists in America pressure each other not to report certain rapes—lest feminists appear to be “racists;” to deny certain rapes (think Bill Clinton/Juanita Broderick/Paula Jones/Kathryn Willy), and magnify non-rapes (think Clarence Thomas), when it was deemed politically necessary to do so.

I understand: Issues that mattered more (to these particular feminists) were at stake i.e.. Liberal and Democratic   Party funding. The fight to keep abortion legal, equal employment rights, and gay rights, trumped all the other burning issues (rape, domestic violence, incest, pornography, prostitution) that also mattered to feminists.

Here’s an article I published yesterday in Newsrealblog on this subject.

Female Troubles on the West Bank

It’s the 1960s all over again, and I am talking about the dark side, not the glamorous, glorious side.

What is happening on the West Bank reminds me of the American 1960s, when idealistic young white and Jewish women, who thought they were volunteering for Martin Luther King’s non-violent movement for black civil rights, found themselves up against many angry, sociopathic, criminal, and sexually violent members of the Black Panther Party. I was one. I have my war stories.

Today, privileged, young, white, Jewish, and Arab women who travel to the West Bank to “protect” Palestinians from Israeli soldiers, also seem to be facing similar troubles. According to one recent and very disturbing report, foreign (American and European) and Israeli Jewish and Arab left-feminists are being routinely harassed, raped, and even forced into marriage by the very Palestinians whom they have come to “rescue.” More shocking is the alleged pressure brought to bear on those activists who wish to press charges about being raped or abducted into marriage; their own movement presumably pressures them not to do so because the alleged Israeli “occupation” of Palestine is far more important than the violent “occupation” of any woman’s body.

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