The Jihadi Feels Persecuted—His Aggression is Self-Defense

Whores Turn Him Down, Battered Wives Walk Out, Western Journalists Harass Him

The other day, a pediatric nurse in New York City refused to dance with Mbarek Lafrem, a Moroccan man, in a New York City bar. What did Lafrem do? He followed her into the women’s bathroom where he attempted to rape and savagely beat her. The woman was found unconscious and is now hospitalized. She required 50 stitches to close just one of her lacerations; she also suffered a broken eye socket, a broken nose, skull fractures, and a busted jaw.


The media pointedly refrain from telling us that he is a Muslim, but with a name like “Mbarek” or ‘Mubarak,” what religion are we talking about? Lafrem now claims that she started it, that the nurse “berated him when he barged into the women’s restroom shortly after she’d rebuffed him on the dance floor.”

To a certain kind of man, from a certain kind of culture, women are always supposed to say yes, and when they say no they are provokers and deserve a beating. More: If the woman is a naked-faced infidel and dances with strange men in a public setting—she is, by definition, a prostitute and is not entitled to say no. Saying no is a “provocation” and deserves a beating. Or worse.

Now, let’s shuffle off to Buffalo, where Muzzammil ”Mo” Hassan—remember him?–is about to stand trial for beheading his wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan. Guess what this monster’s claiming? That he’s the victim, that he was a “battered husband.” Guess what this crafty self-promoter has been doing from his jail cell? Writing letters to the media in his mother’s name in which he paints himself as the “abused” spouse. Mo’s letters also refer to an “epidemic” of battered men.

Thank God for journalist Sandra Tan of the Buffalo News who, today, reveals the extent of Mo’s depravity. According to a 21-page statement that Aasiya wrote to the court, she “painstakingly chronicled her years of torment.” In addition to numerous beatings and threats, Mo “made (Aasiya) sign memos authorizing him to punish her if she talked with the police and Child Protective Services and threatened her with the loss of her children whenever she tried to break free.” In truth, Mo used his size and weight against the much smaller Aasiya; on separate occasions he literally sat on her, imprisoned her, punched her repeatedly, drawing blood, dragged her down the driveway, tried to run her off the road in his car, and refused to allow her to seek medical treatment for her injuries.


In addition, Mo wrote emails to Aasiya’s court appointed psychologist in Aasiya’s name and from her computer account. As Aasiya, he denies being battered. “What nonsense. Complete hogwash. I have always been a strong woman and a high achiever.” Mo also drafted letters as if the psychologist had written them which he states that “Aasiya does not have the personality of an abused wife.”

Mo’s attorney, Frank M. Bogulski, has claimed in open court that his client was a “battered spouse,” and he promised a “revolutionary defense.”

A third and final example.

Over the weekend, I spoke with J. Mark Campbell, a Florida Security Council videographer who was assaulted on March 11th (the day the nurse was beaten), a day which had been designated as Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahasee. Campbell was assaulted by Professor Bassem Alhalabi who stalked Campbell but who nevertheless claimed that he, Alhalabi, was “being harassed.” Many police were present and security tapes were running. Thus, Alhalabi was charged with “simple battery.” Twice—because he also assaulted another journalist too.

According to Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate, “Alhalabi is a professor at Florida Atlantic University, a director and co-founder of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, and, in 2003, was found guilty of illegally shipping a $13,000 military-grade thermal imaging device to Syria. His associate, Ahmed Bedier, the former executive Director of CAIR-Tampa and a spokesman for Sami al-Arian, was present at the event.” You can see them both in the video here.


Investigative journalist and chairman of Americans Against Hate, Joe Kaufman, was also separately assaulted by Alhalabi the same day. And why? According to Kaufman, Alhalabi and and he recognized each other. Kaufman, who has done stories about Alhalabi before, snapped his photo. In response, according to Kaufman, “Alhalabi grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the wall. He kept asking, really screaming at me: ‘Why do you keep writing about me?’ He would not let go of me.”

Both Kaufman and Campbell had been quietly, respectfully, covering the event. They had done their “due diligence” and were not behaving in an intrusive or unpleasant fashion. But they were journalists and citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. Nevertheless, Alhalabi (who was also a supporter and associate of convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian, and who is, himself, a chemical engineer) felt “pestered” by their presence. Their very existence got on his nerves. Or was it the fact that Campbell and Kaufman were documenting what Muslims were doing on American public property that bothered him?

Surely, that’s provocation enough. After assaulting Kaufman, Alhalabi struck a second time that same day. According to Campbell, Alhalabi kept finger pointing. He had people block Campbell’s camera. He kept advancing and “swatting at” Campbell’s camera. He had an associate take his camera and shove it up close into Campbell’s face. He “punched” at Campbell’s camera and face. According to Campbell, Alhalabi “physically pushed and shoved me.”


The police finally asked Campbell and Kaufman—not Alhalabi– to leave. Not because they’d “done anything wrong” but because, said the officer, “your presence is offensive to this group. We must tell you to leave to keep the peace.” And, the local media (WTXL-TV) which promised to cover what had happened, backed down. They interviewed Campbell and Kaufman but, according to Campbell, after promising to run the interview, never did so.

And so: Danish cartoonists can’t draw cartoons that “offend” some Muslims—please understand, when they feel “offended,” such people feel as if they’ve been “attacked;” if they stage riots, kill people, even try to kill the cartoonist—well, the cartoonist started the fight. Salman Rushdie threw the first punch too when he published a novel which “offended” Khomeini and his followers. And, if two American journalists and bloggers want to cover a Muslim Day event in a public setting (in the State Capitol Building)—they deserve to be shoved, pushed, threatened, and thrown out.

Likewise, if a naked-faced woman refuses to do whatever it is that a Muslim man from Morocco wants her to do—such a woman deserves to be beaten within an inch of her life. Her actions have provoked his deeply socialized, totally justified rage. And, if a Muslim woman refuses to be beaten and terrorized any longer by her Muslim husband and not only dares to leave but plans to keep the house and children too—then “beheading” her is his only option, isn’t it? Poor Mo. A violent man has had his cruelties towards his wife and children publicly exposed for all to see. He has been shamed. By definition, wasn’t Mo Hassan “abused” by the kind of wife who would dare to throw him out? He killed her in self-defense.


Folks: This is how terrorists think, feel, and behave. See the pattern? Watch out for it. Strategize how to defeat it because it’s all over us now.


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