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Israel's Morality Versus Hamas's Morality: Who Are The "Peace Activists" Anyway?

Yvonne Ridley, the prominent British Islamist, (whom I once debated on Al-Hurrah), was once on board. This time, former American Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, a loose cannon on a good day, (she was once detained for physically attacking a guard at the Capitol ), joined the floating ship of leftists–“peace activists” all, whose ship was just prevented by the Israeli Navy from delivering humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

The above paragraph cries out for an Orwellian dictionary. A “peace activist,” believe it or not, is a Jew-hating, America-hating, anti-Zionist on the march–or in this case, on the sea. “Peace activists” burned American and Israeli flags in the wake of the Danish cartoons. They also murdered Christians and converts to Christianity. As of Sunday, “peace activists” were holding anti-Israel protests globally, led by the kind of “peaceful” men who incite mobs to violence by their screamed, angry chants: “Free Palestine.”

In short: A “peace activist” is a jihadist-terrorist. And that’s according to the Western media. He (or she) is known as a holy person, a potential shaheed/shaheeda or “martyr” in the Arabic and Muslim press.

A “peace activist” never delivers humanitarian aid to the Sudan where ethnic Arab Muslims are genocidally exterminating black African Muslims, Christians, and animists. A “peace activist” never demonstrates against Muslim-on-Muslim violence (which is, alas, the continuing story within Islam), or Muslim-on-Jewish/Israeli or Muslim-on-Christian violence. They only take to their megaphones and kaffiyehs when the Israelis or the Americans decide to fight back in the war that Islamists have declared against them. Then, they, and the media, call their hate and anger: “Peaceful.”

In terms of press coverage, I expected the worst. I was slightly and pleasantly surprised. For example: CNN was almost balanced yesterday in their coverage as was the New York Times. (I am not talking about their Letters to the Editor). By “balanced,” I mean that these two media venues provided historical and geographical context and thus referred to Hamas’s non-stop rocket attacks against civilian Israel ever since Israel pulled out of Gaza and Hamas got itself democratically elected.

Alas, by today, CNN was back to its old tricks. Mark Regev was brilliant as the Israeli spokesman but he was not allowed to combat the clever lies that Marwan (Marghan?) Barghouti trotted out. Barghouti claimed that Israel (!) had begun the aggression “months ago” and that he himself was in favor of ending the rocket attacks. He, but obviously, not Hamas which has re-doubled its efforts during this latest Battle of Gaza. Barghouti also spoke movingly about the death of seven children–as if that proved how evil Israel is.

One of the “peace activists” aboard the ship of rogues (see above) was also interviewed. He claimed that the Israeli Navy purposely “rammed” their ship (named “Dignity aka “Indignity”). Regev was not allowed to describe who was aboard that ship or to explain that Israel, at war, has still been sending humanitarian aid into Gaza. (On an Israel Project conference call today, Sallai Meridor, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, confirmed that “Sixty three trucks yesterday and ninety trucks today go into Gaza with humanitarian aid.” I would like to thank Faustasblog for this information.)

CNN is also stressing how dense the civilian population is in Gaza–well, why not blame Jordan and Egypt and the rest of the Arab world for refusing citizenship to these poor souls? Or, why blame anyone: Just solve this problem now by allowing those Palestinians who wish to live elsewhere in the Arab Middle East (many of whom have ancestral ties to Egypt, Jordan, and Syria), permission to do so? I am talking about the civilians, not the professional Palestinian terrorists whom no one wants but whom Israel is expected to either live with or ultimately destroy.

MSNBC, gets no kudos for their interview earlier today with Mr. Zbigniew (“The Chief”) Brzezinski. His approach is snake-like, smooth, cunning. I did not watch all of it, (too upsetting, given his potential role in an Obama administration), but I watched long enough to see him say that, while it is true that Hamas “provoked” and “harassed” Israel, “does that mean that punishment on that scale” is right? He also stressed that the Hamas rockets “had not killed anyone.” Brzezinski is hawking a book and he tried to present himself as concerned with the “moral” as well as the “political” dimensions involved. He called for Israel to show a “sense of proportion” and to “limit civilian deaths.”

By Jove, Israel has done just that. It has waited years and allowed its citizens to lead highly circumscribed and traumatized lives, especially in Sderot. Most of the deaths in Gaza were carefully targeted assassinations of Hamas fighters. According to Joshua Mitnick in the Christian Science Monitor, (not a Zionist source), Israel has made 400 sorties into Gaza since Saturday. There have been 370 deaths, 64 of whom are, according to the United Nations (another non-Zionist source), civilians. Thus, Israel has been exquisitely careful.

Of course, although the Christian Science Monitor admits that this is so–they still titled the article “Gazan Civilians Increasingly At Risk in Assault on Hamas” and they recycle interviews with Gazans that are six years old and who then blamed the Israeli military for incurring any collateral damage. (I hate that phrase but the word’s in play, we all know what it means, it is a way of slightly sanitizing such deaths).

But how does one fight a terrorist group, who purposely positions its rockets and weaponry in civilian apartment houses, hospitals, mosques, and schools? Given that this is so, Israel has quite “morally” kept the civilian body count as low as possible. Hamas? They immediately started using their grief-stricken civilians as weapons in their larger war of propaganda which they wage so well in the media. And, according to the Christian Science Monitor, Hamas operatives are now rapidly moving into densely populated civilian areas in Gaza. Their cowardly, life-hating tactic speaks for itself. According to the Monitor:

“Until now Israel has targeted mainly Hamas offices, ministries, and centers of power in a bid to limit collateral damage while still crippling the Islamists’ ability to fire rockets across the border. But as the conflict stretches on and Israeli warplanes and drones seek out Hamas commanders and other militant leaders hiding in neighborhoods in the densely packed coastal strip, it will be harder to contain civilian deaths.”

But, in Orwellian-Speak, “peace activists” are not demonstrating against Hamas for what Hamas is doing to Palestinian civilians. The paradigm is that the “occupied” terrorist is, by definition, always “peaceful,” “moral” and “noble.”

Stay tuned. I will try and post later again about the upcoming pro-Israel demonstrations in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and perhaps on yesterday’s pro-Israel demonstration in Boston.

NEWSFLASH from Arutz Sheva:
Hamas Missiles Hit Be’er Sheva for First Time

by Gil Ronen

( Be’er Sheva, the Negev’s largest city with over 200,000 residents, came under missile attack just before 9 p.m. Tuesday, for the first time since Israel captured it in 1948.

One of the Grad-type missiles hit a kindergarten that was empty of children. The second one hit an empty field. Both hits were in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Be’er Sheva.