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Our Troubled World in 2025: Expert Predictions

The news today is not all one might desire. At home, The National Intelligence Council, a body of analysts from every spectrum of the American intelligence community, has issued a report that is quite bleak.

It says, in part, that “the next two decades will see a world living with the daily threat of nuclear war, environmental catastrophe and the decline of America as the dominant global power… The world of the near future will be subject to an increased likelihood of conflict over resources, including food and water, and will be haunted by the persistence of rogue states and terrorist groups with greater access to nuclear weapons.”

The Report further predicts a “transfer of wealth from West to East,” a rise in the “influence of nonstate actors” and the “decline” of “the United States’ relative strength.”

Which brings us to the next problem of the day: I did not read about this Report on the front pages of my New York newspapers. I found it in the online version of the Times of London.

The “spooks,” (my affectionate term for the intelligence analysts), did not address what may happen–what has already happened–when our citizens are continuously misled by the media. By “mislead” I also mean taught to think alike, and in polarizing ways. The media, (and I’m a member of it), does not always give all the news, and it often either aggrandizes or diminishes an event by placing it on the front pages or by “hiding” it on the back pages. The crucial role that propaganda will play in the brainwashing of our nation was not addressed.

But, to be fair, the full-length Report was not yet available online so I am relying entirely on the newspaper article which might not have had the word count to include more of what the Report says. Thus, I might have been “misled,” or rather, under-informed.

There is one more piece of troubling news today. As many of us have predicted, a British lawyer, Sheikh Faiz ul-Aqtab Siddiqi (of the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal), gave a lecture in which he argued that polygamy should be recognized in England. Of course, such unions are already supported “on the dole.” Siddiqi argued for legal recognition.

He stated:

“In a jurisdiction where rights are afforded to a mistress, or many mistresses, and where there are same-sex marriages … polygamous marriages should not be such an alien concept.”

Soon, any objection to legally recognizing polygamy will be termed “racist” and “Islamophobic.” Or, seen as cold-hearted towards women who are “destitute.” However, Rosa Freedman, the journalist, pointed out that adulterous and same-sex unions are not forced upon anyone whereas polygamous unions often are.

It is important to understand that Siddiqi is not a raving lunatic spewing hate towards the infidel but is, rather, a practicing barrister and a honey-tongued debater. Siddiqi has long been involved in trying to “reform” English law in order to “accommodate Muslim cultural practices.” He is a “well-respected” member of many Muslim organizations.

I wonder what the British “spooks” might have to say about the future of Britain in terms of whether it will soon be living under Shariah law–and in the name of the most advanced Western concepts of tolerance and multi-culturalism?

Well, let’s all put our heads in the sand and have a good weekend anyway.

But, there is some good news too: The American Report notes that while “terrorism would survive until 2025” that “al-Qaeda’s terrorist wave” is weakening and might decay “sooner than people think.” They also envision that “an alternative to oil might be in place by 2025.”