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Karsenty Covered But Also Buried by The Times

I have had it with the so-called “even handed” reportage that buries the truth in a barrage of lies. What, pray tell, am I talking about? While the online edition of the New York Times has actually covered Phillipe Karsenty’s legal victory, you’d never know it is a victory from reading the piece.

The reporter, Mike Nizza, opens with this: “A fierce debate over an iconic Palestinian image was jolted anew today by a French court appeal court ruling…”Say what? We are not talking about an “iconic image” but about a manufactured news report that damned Israel in the eyes of the world.

Nizza also says that the “iconic image’s authenticity was always in question.” Say what again?

This is another Big Lie. The September, 2000 news image/film/voice-over narration had no doubt that the Israelis had cold-bloodedly killed the boy. C’mon: The Israelis even apologized and it took them a very long time before they were even willing to begin to consider that a) the Israelis could not have shot the boy–not even if they had wanted to do so; and that b) the entire incident was staged, a carefully planned hoax.

The piece quotes Karsenty and his “supporters” in the media who claim a victory–but it also quotes France 2’s lawyers and Charles Enderlin himself who claim that the decision merely allows Karsenty to hold his “strident” point of view without considering it “libelous.” According to them, the court decision has nothing to do with the actual facts of the case, which includes footage which shows that the child is still alive on camera even after he has been pronounced dead.

You see: Both sides make good points, both sides are equally worthy, moral. According to Nizza, the “court has not released its decision, increasing the likelihood that this round in a continuing debate is far from over.”

According to the Times, nothing has been proven. To them, this all-too-academic debate continues.

I’ve had it, I’m going to bed. I hope that someone else–Karsenty himself, perhaps Professor Landes, or HonestReporting, performs a “fisk”analysis of the media coverage. For my part–To sleep, perchance to dream.

Read Mike Nizza’s article Here.