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Holland Postpones the Wilders Film about Islam

Every single day the handwriting on the sky becomes larger and clearer. The same Holland that decided they could not afford to pay the price of Aayan Hirsi Ali’s courage, has now decided to postpone Geert Wilder’s film about Islam.–and, I have told by a Dutch woman, banished Wilder’s from the country.

Simultaneously , in Canada, Islamists and multi-cultural relativists have challenged Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. Lee Harris has an excellent and troubling article about this in the current issue of The Weekly Standard. (Sorry, I only have the hardcopy). Harris, the author of “The Suicide of Reason. Radical Islam’s Threat to the West,” reminds us that the west values both freedom of speech and the preservation of life. These two values are now seemingly on a collision course. Why? If we know that criticizing Islam will lead to the masscre of 100 innocent civilians somewhere in the world, we proceed at our own risk.

On the other hand, my friend Ibn Warraq pointed out to me that remaining silent may ultimately cost more lives.

My friends: What do you think? I am reposting an article about this temporary “ban” on the film. It was written by Denis Schultz.



Geert Wilders had a point: “If I had announced that I was going to make a film about the fascist character of the Bible would there have been a crisis meeting of Holland’s security forces?” Wilders had just announced that his 10-minute film would be postponed for two weeks and that Dutch authorities had ordered him to leave the country.

A ten-minute film about the fascist character of the Bible…hasn’t that been done by CCN or by Ted Turner or somebody at the UN? Seems like one is aired every night. No one has called the cops. There have been no bomb threats. Bill Maher’s anti-Christian rants last longer than 10 minutes. Between Real Time and the Playboy Mansion, he’s spent more time abusing Christ than Herod and Judas Iscariot did combined.

Suppose someone did propose a 10-minute film about fascism in the Bible who would be the narrator? Got to have a narrator. Bill Maher? Rosie O’Donnell? Would bin Laden be invited to the Premier? Got to have be a Premier. Would Bill Clinton apologize for the behavior of Mother Teresa? There would have to be an apology. Who would be the first dhimmi at CNN or MSNBC to insist that there are many versions of Christianity and that Opie Taylor and Potsy Weber shouldn’t be confused with …with…ah, Tim McVegh or…or…Eric Rudolph…yes, Eric Rudolph…don’t want to tar all Christians with the David Koresh brush.

Columbia and Berkeley would probably snap up the film for its freshmen indoctrination programs. Chances are an Obama or Hillary administration would show it to the FBI and the CIA. It’s time they took a closer look at who they are hiring in this War on Terrorism. Tighten up those screening procedures…some of those fuzzy-cheeked applicants might have belonged to the Catholic League while in college or worse…been a Promise Keeper. Can’t take chances with national security.

Would the Vatican protest—warn the producers not to show the film under penalty of excommunication? Would they get Ibrahim Hooper’s backing?

Wilders, 44, continued: “Would I have received as many death threats as I have done since announcing I was making a film about the Koran?” Of course not! He would be praised for his bravery; invited on The View; they would name a faculty lounge at Berkeley in his honor. Half the US Congress would say they might disagree with what he says but would defend to the death his right to say it—unless he used the N word or was insensitive to some minority group (list available on request).

Iran has warned the Netherlands what will happen if the Dutch are so foolish as to air the Wilders film. “The Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it (the Netherlands),” said Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of Majlis National Security. Iran is currently reconsidering relationships with the United States, Israel, Australia, Denmark, Lower Slobbobvia, Shangrila…

“In Iran, insulting Islam is a very sensitive matter and if the movie is broadcast it will arouse a wave of popular hatred that will be directed towards any government that insults Islam.” Succinct! Let’s see…Pim Fortuyn insulted Islam; Submission insulted Islam; Theo van Gogh insulted Islam; Salman Rushdie insulted Islam; the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons insulted Islam; the rondellhund insulted Islam; Kafirs gnawing on pork rinds insult Islam; women in miniskirts insult Islam; ringing church bells insult Islam. It is easy to insult Islam. Muslims are the most sensitive and most easily insulted people in the world and also the most tolerant and peaceful—and that is why every offender of Islam is given a day in court except during waves of popular hatred.

In Afghanistan a journalist who insulted Islam has been sentenced to death. He had questioned the Islamic marriage bed. Why should Muslim men be allowed four wives and Muslim women only one husband he asked? Would an American Horace Greeley have dared to ask Mitt Romney that question? Muslim clerics were humiliated—to suggest that a Muslim man couldn’t satisfy four women—with appropriate separate rooms—would be to question his fitness for the 72 virgins awaiting his expertise in Allah’s Great Whorehouse in the Sky. Is it any wonder that the Court’s decision was immediately praised by the Afghan parliament?

In Pakistan, Muslim men are abducting and killing Christian boys, not because of hatred though that is part of it, but to harvest their body parts for sale on the black market. In Saudi Arabia, a Nigerian woman was beheaded for drug trafficking in the holy city of Mecca. It’s a dark side to something.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, Floris van Hovell, spokesperson for the Dutch Embassy said, “The government is taking the announcement of this movie quite seriously. Obviously, because the movie hasn’t been made, we cannot say anything about the movie until the movie has been shown, but the message Mr. Wilders has told us he wants to portray is disturbing.” But not as disturbing as murdering young Christian boys for their body parts or beheading drug traffickers in Mecca? Right?

Maybe it is Wilders. “I believe our culture is much better than the retarded Islamic cultures,” he said. “Ninety-nine percent of the intolerance in the world comes back to the Islamic religion and the Koran.”


A Dutchman has written to clarify a matter. He writes under a pseudonym F.Vogelpest. He writes:

“On your article ‘First They Came for Ayaan..’: “Geert Wilders has been (temporarily?) banished from Holland” Not true: Wilders is in Russia on a trip with a group of Dutch parlement members. Foreign affairs experts of other parties. and his (Geert Wilders’) film put on hold.

When I asked him whether I could quote him on this, what his sources are, and how I might identify him, here are his answers:

“I’m a Dutchman living in Belgium. So I watch Dutch television, read Dutch papers, visit Dutch websites and so on. So I could provide you with some links to newssites but I guess you won’t undersland the language. The corrections I mentioned are the facts.
Ayaan is banished (in a way). Not Wilders (yet, but I don’t think the Dutch government will risk to banish him). Also: we are awaiting the film. It’s not put on hold by him. If the government had put it on hold he would have told us (the Dutch).

Wilders plays the media like no-one has ever done before in the Netherlands (well, the late Pim Fortuyn maybe).

Best greetings from Belgium, F



Well—sure, if one counts organ harvesting, honor killings, church burnings, suicide bombings and female genital mutilation, but Bill Maher knows about all this, doesn’t he?