Chesler Chronicles

Ominous Silences

One week ago, burqa-clad, grassroots, humanitarian American aid worker, Cyd Mizell, was kidnapped in Kandahar, Afghanistan. News about this event was carried for about two days by thousands of newspapers. Now, all is silent. No group took credit for this malevolent deed or issued any demands. Perhaps they have done so privately; one has no way of knowing. But Mizell is in a wild, wild country in which lawmakers, not outlaws, have just condemned a young Afghan man to death for having downloaded an essay about women and Islam. (He is seen as “insulting Islam.”) Imagine the mindset of Arab-influenced kidnappers!

A little more than a month ago: Yasir Said murdered his innocent teenage daughters, Sarah and Amina, in Dallas and then disappeared…into thin air. (Perhaps he was a secret agent, under cover as a taxi driver and has been aided in his escape; perhaps I have read too many spy novels). However, unlike the kidnapping far away in Afghanistan, the American mainstream media absolutely refused to cover the Said case.

I have been contacted by someone with information and hope to speak with them soon. Stay tuned. I will share what I learn.