My Book, "The Saudi Lobby" Still Awaits Its Publisher

The lead article today in ArtsandLettersDaily is taken from the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article, written by Evan R. Goldstein, is tltled “Waltheimer on the Hot Seat,” and presents Stephen M. Walt and John J. Mearsheimer as martyrs of truth, lone critics, and near-pariahs for having dared write about the allegedly enormous influence of the Israel Lobby.


The professors have received a truly outsize advance, their book has appeared on various bestseller lists, they draw huge bookstore crowds all over America, and they are booked to speak in Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, and at the London School of Economics, the University of London, and the House of Lords. They have had to endure praise from David Duke, mugs and tee-shirts in their honor, and enormous critical attention, some positive and some negative. However, Professor Tony Judt, (who himself has valorously gone on record giving up his “right of return” to the Jewish state), is quoted here as saying that Mearsheimer “looked a bit shell shocked.”

Judt explains: “In this country, 60 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, it’s still very painful for someone who is not Jewish to be accused again and again of being anti-Semitic.”

Poor, misunderstood babies.

In our times, the defamers are presented as victims and so are ideologues who use terror to intimidate, punish, and subdue. Wealthy serial killers who mastermind suicide murders and Palestinian mass murderers are really the “oppressed” liberators of their long-suffering peoples.


I wonder: If I write a book titled “The Saudi Lobby” would any publisher dare publish it and would it command quite so much attention? I am going on record. I will write such a book if a publisher steps forward and agrees to publish it.

I dare the London Review of Books, which published an early, incipient version of the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis, to publish a version of my book, “The Saudi Lobby,” as well.


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