How We Came to Celebrate Racism Once Again

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While in past centuries, Americans and Canadians held negative and thus racist views of blacks, and discriminated against them, today the official government policy in both countries is that whites should be viewed negatively, and be discriminated against. Rules have been put in place in government offices, in industry, education, media, and throughout to indoctrinate against whites and in favor of “people of color,” as well as to benefit “people of color” and marginalize whites. 


To illustrate, here is a brief excerpt from a recent article in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association: “Whiteness is … a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility. … Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples.” 

Governments, universities, and corporations have mandated that “people of color” get priority in hiring and promotion. Merit, encompassing achievement and potential, is now rejected as a criterion for personnel selection. Skin color is now the primary criterion of worth. 

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Minorities are caught up in this racism. The tiny minority of Jewish citizens, who were never considered white until it became a bad thing, are now regarded as hyper-white, having all of the bad qualities of whites (such as Nobel prizes?) and deserving of nouveaux pogroms, in America! Anti-Semitic hate crimes have skyrocketed since the Democrat Party has made street politics popular. Asian Americans, a good-sized minority, made the mistake of being the most successful category economically and professionally. For this, they have been designated “white-adjacent” and condemned to be criticized and excluded for achieving more than their “fair share.” 

Exactly the same has taken place in regard to sexes. In the West, in past centuries, females were looked down on by males, and public policies restricted females and gave power to males, for example in voting, banking, ownership, employment, and travel. Today in the West, women are regarded as superior to men, and are by official governmental and other institutional policies advantaged over men. Females are given preference in university admissions, in jobs, in financial support, and in promotion over males. It is no accident that females make up 60% of university students and graduates, and increasingly dominate the professorate and university administrations, from which they are able to favor females and discriminate against males. 


The privileging of “people of color” and females is obscured by labels such as “equity,” “gender equality,” and “social justice.” But, in fact, what is promoted is female and black supremacy, and the vilification of whites and males as “oppressors” and “toxic.” Hate against whites and males is now institutionalized in America, taught in schools, and enforced in the streets by fascist militias such Black Lives Matter and the ironically-named antifa.

The dynamic of culture changes from one ideological extreme to the other emerges in the history of Western civilization as well as in contemporary Western society. The Russian-American sociologist, Pitirim Sorokin, in his four-volume masterwork, Social and Cultural Dynamics, has found that, in Western macro-history, culture has gone from one extreme to another, then returned to the starting point and repeated the exercise. 

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Sorokin’s analysis is that, beginning with the early Greeks, culture went from an “ideational” spiritual phase, otherworldly and puritanical, to an “idealistic” phase, balanced between spirituality and sensuality, seen in the “Golden Age” of Greece, to a “sensate” phase, materialistic and sensual in orientation. After the breakdown of the Western Ancient World, with its invasions and occupations by tribal peoples, the rebirth of civilization began with an “ideational” phase in the Middle Ages, an “idealistic” phase in the Renaissance, evolving to a “sensate” phase in the modern period, characterized by secularism, free sexuality, the killing of babies, and drug addiction.


The dynamic of shifts from “ideational” to “idealistic” to “sensate” cultures is one that encompasses the more limited cultural dynamic, described above, of the reversal of race and gender hierarchies. In this more limited dynamic, there was a movement from favoring whites and males, to a brief moment of “gender equality” and “color-blind” treatment of individuals, during which criteria such as character, merit, and achievement were ascendant, but it quickly morphed into the institutionalized anti-white racism and anti-male sexism of the moment. 

What is the mechanism for such cultural change? Many factors—environmental, economic, demographic, and political—can lead to changes in cultural values, norms, and rules. But the changes in racism and sexism are not the result of extraneous factors. Rather, they are the work of interested parties who stand to benefit, or think they will benefit, from the changes. The reversal of the racial and sexual hierarchy is the result of lobbying by white, middle-class professionals—particularly academics, bureaucrats, and politicians—who compete to gain status, power, and financial benefits. The competition among such professionals leads to each proposing yet a more extreme version of the ideology that allows them to signal moral and political virtue, and to claim greater status and reward. 

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This strategy of race and sex extremism has been adopted wholesale by the Democrat Party as a way to establish itself as the single party exclusively controlling the United States. The ancient political strategy of “divide and conquer” will win for the Democrat Party, it believes, the one-party state that it craves. A biproduct of this strategy is the rhetorical trashing of the United States as a country. This is manifested in multiple influential venues such as President Joe Biden’s repeated assertions that America is characterized by “systemic racism,” by which he means racism against “people of color,” and in the historical revisionism of the so-called “paper of record,” The New York Times, in its “1619 Project” of imaginary “history.” 


President Biden claims that the Democrat-dominated national security agencies have identified “white supremacists” as the greatest “threat” to the United States and its democracy. By “white supremacists” Biden means anyone who did not vote for him and his extremist and racist policies. This is one example of a standard Democrat Party tactic: accusing others of what it itself is doing. 

Nothing could be clearer than that the Democrat Party is trying to change the rules of government—election rules to facilitate the stealing of elections, raising the number of justices so that they can pack the Supreme Court with far-left Democrat justices, adding more states as long as they have Democrat majorities to ensure a Democrat majority in the Senate—to guarantee a permanent Democrat one-party state. So—no surprise—it is the Democrat Party that is the greatest threat to America and American democracy. 

The Democrat Party threat to America is seen in its suppression of free speech, a right supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution. (Of course, as the Democrats assure us, the Constitution was written by slave owners, so can now be considered invalid.) The suppression of speech and ideas by the combined efforts of the Democrat-controlled government, Big Tech, the Democrat media, “educational” institutions, and bureaucrats up and down the land, is personified by the hundreds if not thousands of employees who have been “canceled” for “wrong speak,” for disagreeing out loud with the official racism and sexism. 

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Another example of the Democrat Party threat to America is the skyrocketing crime across America, especially violent crime such as shootings and murders, particularly in Democrat-run cities. This is thanks to the Democrat Party policy of defunding and disbanding the police, and radical Democrat district attorneys who refuse to prosecute criminals but rather release them into the public to repeat their crimes. Democrats have changed laws so that those arrested for crimes will not be held until trial or released on bail, but are immediately released into the public to reoffend. Then the Democrats lie that the crimes are committed by “evil white men,” although the surveillance videos show quite a different demographic is responsible for most of the crime, which is clearly verified in FBI crime statistics. Undermining public safety is one Democrat way of making the populace fearful and deludedly dependent on the Democrat Party. 


The extremist Democrat propaganda casting America as evil from its inception and having no saving graces since is extended to Western Civilization generally, now recognized only in its debunking in our universities and increasingly in our schools. The Ancient Greeks and Romans can no longer be studied because they were too white. The great writers and artists of the West can no longer be recognized because they were all men. They must be banished from the curriculum. Western culture and civilization as a whole is condemned, including science pure and applied, because it was built and furnished by white men. 

This anti-white and anti-male campaign has not played out fully, because whites and males have not yet been marginalized to a degree sufficient to block them entirely. The reason for this is that whites make up a supermajority of the American population: non-Hispanic whites being 60% of the population; all whites being 70% of the population. Fuller marginalization of whites would lead to collapse of the country. Even at the current level of anti-white vilification and discrimination, how long will whites (and sane non-whites) accept the current ideology, and what will their reaction look like? 

Males make up fifty percent of the population, whatever the delirious say about sex not being binary. Men work more and longer in paying occupations than women, who divide their work between occupations and family responsibilities, and in their occupations, men do the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs, and suffer the injuries and deaths that come with these jobs. How long will men put up with being second-class citizens? 


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In spite of the great cultural tsunami of “wokeness,” many Americans of all races and sexes have remained sane. Asian Americans, fighting for the principle of merit and their own interests as high-performing individuals, were very effective in defeating referenda on the West Coast that proposed to institute race quotas in state laws. Black and Hispanic citizens who care about jobs, public safety, and the country have voted in increasing numbers against the Democrat Party. Across the country, parents of school children are increasingly speaking out against teaching children race hate. Whether these and related initiatives will be enough to bring us back from the extreme remains to be seen. 


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