Are You Ready for the Knock on Your Door?

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

This afternoon, former President Trump surrendered to authorities in New York City. Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg performed a legal gymnastic stunt worthy of Cirque du Soleil to bring charges against the former president and leading Republican presidential contender.


Whether or not you like Trump, Americans of every stripe should recognize the dangerous territory the United States has wandered into. For the first time in American history, a former president has been indicted and arraigned in a clear case of political targeting. CNN and other liberal media outlets have been running wall-to-wall coverage, breathlessly reporting on every move Trump has made in the last 24 hours. They’re clinging to the hope that Trump will be deprived of his liberty and locked up for the rest of his life on bogus charges that don’t pass the smell test.

Other writers at PJ Media have covered the background in this case and will continue to report on every aspect of this story. I encourage you to read their excellent coverage.

But right now, I want to talk about you. What will happen when you get a knock on your door and find the feds on your front porch? What will you do when they enter your home, paw through your underwear drawer, seize your computer and cell phone, and throw you in jail?

Trump has an army of lawyers and the money to defend himself, but do you?

I want to relate a story I haven’t shared before. I have a friend who was at the Capitol on January 6. He attended the Trump rally and followed the crowd over to the Capitol. He entered the building unabated but turned around and walked out the minute he was told to by Capitol Police. Then he went home.

But don’t think that was the end of it.

He’s been warned that the feds are ready to pounce on him and has spent tens of thousands of dollars to retain a lawyer. I won’t disclose his name because he’s been waiting for the knock on his door for the last two years, and I don’t want to make his life more difficult. He’s living under the shadow of a possible jail sentence. Many other law-abiding citizens are as well.


Maybe you’re reading this thinking, “It can’t happen to me.” Not so fast. If you cross the wrong people in Joe Biden’s America, it could indeed happen to you. The corrupt political class doesn’t need evidence of a crime to ruin your life and take away your freedom. Maybe someday you’ll write something on social media that will get you in trouble. Next thing you know, you’ll find the IRS knocking on your door. How sure are you that you haven’t made a tiny mistake on one of your tax returns?

Or maybe you’ll speak out at a school board meeting and the next day find the ATF on your doorstep asking about your guns and ammo.

Perhaps the knock will come at your office door, where the HR director informs you that you’re no longer employed because you posted a “homophobic” meme on Facebook or called a man dressed as a woman a man.

The possibilities are endless.

If Donald Trump is in danger, we all are.

Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have weaponized the federal government to target the enemies of the Democrat Party.

  • Remember when the feds raided—with a SWAT team, no less—the home of a Christian pro-life activist while his terrified children watched?
  • Remember when the Department of Justice released a memo warning that parents speaking out at school board meetings were potential terrorists?
  • Remember the aggressive, heavily-armed pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home?
  • Remember when the FBI sent 30 armed agents to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to ferret out classified documents? Remember when they didn’t do that to Joe Biden when it was discovered that he was storing classified documents?

Those are but a few examples.

Again, if the political Left can come for Donald Trump, they can come for you.

That’s why Republicans must win the White House in 2024, as well as the House and Senate. We need your help to drain the swamp of these political thugs masquerading as “public servants.” I urge you to become a PJ Media VIP member today. We can’t afford to lose the next election. Our country hangs in the balance. The support of our VIP members enables us to take on the left, expose their lies, and make America great again. For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount on an annual membership with the promo code WITCHHUNT. It only takes a minute to sign up, and with the discount, it’ll only cost you around 50 cents a week. Sign up here.



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