Here's What the Social Media Censors Are Doing About the 'Don't Say Gay' Lies Regarding Florida's Anti-Groomer Bill

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The social-media fact-checkers are hard at work censoring lies about what activists are calling the “Don’t say gay” bill in Florida.

Just kidding. They’re not doing anything about the lies:


In fact, they are bending over backward to promote the “Don’t say gay” disinformation about Florida’s common-sense Parental Rights in Education bill, which should really be named the “anti-groomer” bill, based on the unhinged reactions of leftists. For those who haven’t actually read the bill, the word “gay” is not mentioned once. It simply bans explicit discussions about sex and gender in classrooms with very young children—something that anyone who isn’t a pervert agrees with.

That hasn’t stopped the left from weeping and gnashing their teeth and lying about what the bill really says. More than anything, the “don’t say gay” theater has revealed the utter depravity of those on the left who want to indoctrinate young children into an ideology that not only violates the religious beliefs of families and the rights of parents to discuss sensitive topics on their own terms but can also cause great harm to children.

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The intrepid social-media fact-checkers at Facebook and Twitter, who waste no time banning individuals who go against the left-wing narrative, don’t seem to have a problem with the liars who want kindergarten-aged children to obsess about sex and gender-bending lies.


Exhibit A: Twitter—which recently banned PJM’s Matt Margolis for saying transgenderism is a mental disorder (it is)—is actually promoting tweets from the Gay Times that are spreading disinformation about what’s in the Florida bill:

(Twitter screenshot)

There are dozens of tweets about this topic from the Gay Times in the thread promoted and amplified by Twitter.

They are also allowing these lies to spread unabated in tweets like this:

And this one, which has been retweeted nearly 15,000 times:

Also, this one, from some movie star I’ve never heard of:

And then there’s this one, highlighting a comment from another Hollywood star I’ve never heard of, demonstrating that he has the maturity of a 4-year-old child.


And here’s a freaking Florida attorney general candidate, Daniel “I don’t know how to read legislation” Uhlfelder, who gets to lie about the bill on Twitter:

Not to be outdone, Facebook is also allowing the disinformation to spread like wildfire on its platform:

(Facebook screenshot)

They don’t have a problem with Whoopie’s overwrought hysteria and lies:

Or CBS’s propaganda:

Make no mistake: These miscreants want to seduce your children, corrupt their minds with sexually explicit propaganda, and confuse them about their God-given gender. These groomers want to exploit kindergarteners and subvert the will of parents. They are mentally deranged— and some are no doubt pedophiles who get off on talking about sex with small children.

The good news is that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refuses to cave to the nutters trying to cancel the Parental Rights in Education bill. Anyone else remember when then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gave in to the bullies demanding that he roll back his state’s religious liberty bill and let them run roughshod over the rights of Christians and other religious individuals? And when a host of others purporting to be on our side refused to defend religious rights in the face of boycotts from LGBTQLMNOP activists? Yeah, no. Ron DeSantis isn’t having it.



DeSantis is putting parents and children ahead of lobbyists, activists, and perverts. His spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw—who is every bit the fighter her boss is—told PJ Media today that while she can’t confirm the date the governor will sign the Parental Rights in Education bill, she anticipates that it will happen sometime next week.

I’m counting the days until we see DeSantis in the White House and get to watch him destroy the Deep State and the Perv Lobby once and for all.


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