[WATCH] Pro-Abortion Death Cult Ghouls Swallow Abortion Death Pills in Front of Supreme Court

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When historians look back on the fall of a once-great republic called the United States of America, perhaps they’ll point to this moment as the low-water mark for the cancerous depravity that metastasized throughout the culture and accelerated its demise.


To wit: A group of women representing a vile pro-abortion group called “Shout Your Abortion” downed some abortion pills in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, as the Supreme Court was hearing arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that has the potential to overturn decades of unconstitutional precedent on abortion and curtail the rampant infanticide in this nation.

The women gleefully shouted “Abortion pills forever!” as they ingested what they claimed were abortifacient pills.

Amelia Bonow, who is a member of this activist group that likes to celebrate and shout about its sin, told Rewire News Group that abortion death pills “have become a new reality of abortion care—clearly something that has the power to make early abortion more accessible than it’s ever been, even in the face of whatever anti-choice legislation we’re about to see in coming years.” She has a point. While pro-abortion activists like to screech about women not being able to kill their babies in clinics because of restrictions in various states, the truth is, there’s been a huge migration to chemical abortions. The Guardian reported in 2019 that more than 20,000 babies were killed with abortion pills that year. That’s probably a very low estimate, as there isn’t a lot of good data on chemical abortions. But whether it’s performed in a clinic with a machine that suctions out baby parts or with a pill that expels the baby from the comfort of her mother’s womb, the result is the same: a dead baby.


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Despite Bonow’s own statement claiming that abortion death pills are making abortion “more accessible than it’s ever been,” she nevertheless is shrieking about the fact that the Supreme Court could slap some limits on the cruel and gruesome procedure that ends the life of a human child.

“It’s time to completely raise hell,” she said. “It’s time to shut this country down. It’s a f—ing coup.”

These women are depraved monsters, wantonly killing innocent babies and then bragging about it.

“All of us who work in repro are so used to people being like, ‘I’m uncomfortable with you saying abortion, or how you’re talking about it.’ That’s a weird thing to be uncomfortable with at this moment,” she added. “I would really like more people to be outwardly uncomfortable with the fact that abortion is rapidly becoming a class privilege, you know?”

And I would really like more people to be outwardly uncomfortable with the fact that nearly a million human children are snuffed out by ghouls like Bonow, who have no regard for those tiny unborn image-bearers of God and instead worship at the altar of self. You know?



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