San Juan Mayor's Unhinged Anti-Trump Rants: Helping Puerto Rico or Just Politicizing Disaster?

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz was ubiquitous on the media circuit Friday attacking the Trump administration’s response to the successive hurricanes that have struck Puerto Rico this month with comments that border on hysterical:


And with the Commonwealth on the verge of “genocide,” as she claimed, the mayor had time to have a t-shirt printed to show how serious the situation was:

Earlier this week her narrative was different.

But as I noted here on Monday, after a weekend of covering the NFL’s anti-America protests the media suddenly — almost all instantaneously — discovered the devastation of Hurricane Maria last week.


It’s important to observe the scope of this natural disaster.

So are Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz’s anti-Trump rants to the media actually helping Puerto Rico, or is she just trying to politicize this unprecedented natural disaster?

Well, consider that Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who served as a Hillary Clinton delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention and as an Obama delegate in 2012, has been publicly complimentary of the Trump administration’s response.


And the mayor is pretty mouthy for someone who cold-heartedly ordered the doors to refugee centers closed just hours before Hurricane Maria hit last week:

One of the major obstacles to getting aid to Puerto Rico is the onerous Jones Act, which limits who can bring in shipments.

As soon as the request was received this week, it was granted.

The mayor also demanded that someone be placed in charge of the federal government’s recovery efforts.

Totally ignoring that Trump had appointed Brig. Gen. Richard Kim to do exactly that the day before:

In fairness, the mayor is not alone in her politicized whining.


So what exactly is the federal government doing to help Puerto Rico?

With some indications that the situation is beginning to improve.


But with remaining difficulties.

That has prompted newly minted media disaster relief experts to chime in:

The media has taken to sniping at each other as well.


And the drive-by media criticism warrants some healthy skepticism.

Perhaps the mayor might be slightly biased for someone who said that Trump didn’t deserve to be president in the first place.

So needless to say, this natural disaster is all going according to plan:


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